September 13, 2016

Donald Trumperhands? David Cay Johnston talks Trump with C-SPAN creator Brian Lamb


Making-of-Donald-TrumpBestseller“Donald has shut down many things with threats of litigation. I wrote a proposal for a Tim Burton movie about Donald Trump, and his threats of litigation meant that it never came about.”

That’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston discussing his recent New York Times Bestseller The Making of Donald Trump with Brian Lamb, creator and CEO of C-SPAN. While the prospect of a Tim Burton movie about Trump may be the most tantalizing thing in the interview, there’s a great deal here that’s new and fascinating — no small feat, considering that Johnston has been the hardest-working man in Trump business since his book’s release last month, speaking tirelessly about his nearly thirty years of research in Trump’s comings and goings has revealed. The conversation goes on to consider topics as far-flung as the Academy of Hospitality Sciences (run by a convicted art thief named Joey Two-Socks), Johnston’s own career in journalism, and, not least of all, the mighty independent publisher that released his book (thanks, David—we’re blushing).

The segment is not be missed, and you can not-miss it by watching right here:

And hey, check out the results of this poll, posted by the Daily Kos in a piece that calls the C-SPAN interview “essential (and entertaining)” viewing:

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Well, no big surprise there.