May 10, 2018

Did you buy Trump / Russia in hardcover? If so, we’ll send you the ebook for free.


When we publish a book as timely and important as Seth Hettena’s Trump/Russia: A Definitive History, out this week, we try our best to make it as accessible as possible. We’re very grateful that bookstores around the country have come together to stock it, and that the media has responded. (Michael Avenatti interview, anyone?) The information this book reveals, Donald Trump’s decades-deep ties to dirty Russian money, including the Mafia and oligarchs galore, could not be more urgent.

The recent revelation that money connected to a Russian oligarch was funneled through Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, who appears numerous times in the book, reinforces the importance of understanding the complex, illicit forces that have propped Trump up, and that continue to influence him in the Oval Office.

Because of that, we’ve decided to offer a free e-book of Trump / Russia to anyone who purchases the hardcover — bringing readers the convenience and searchability of the digital format at no extra cost. We hope, among other things, that this will make it easier to contextualize names that crop up in the news as diligent reporting—and, ahem, Robert Mueller’s investigation—continue.

All you need to do is email proof of purchase to [email protected]. It doesn’t matter where you bought the book. Just send us any valid receipt, and we’ll quickly email you a link to download the e-book.

The offer’s good through Saturday (May 12th), and we have e-books in epub, Kindle, and PDF formats — just let us know your preference.

One more time, just to be super-duper-clear: Any proof of purchase will do. It doesn’t matter where you bought the book (though, as ever, we strongly encourage you to shop indie.) Any receipt, please. (A checkmark on a to-do list will not suffice.) Just email your proof of purchase to [email protected], and you’ll get the e-book. What you do with it then is up to you, but here’s an FAQ that might be useful to find out how to load it to your device.



Peter Clark is a former Melville House sales manager.