October 25, 2016

Did we mention we’re having an Election Sale? Cuz, uh, we are.


As of today, there are precisely two pieces of very good news about the presidential election:

  1. It will finally, actually, really, completely, permanently be over in two weeks.
  2. We’ve published a bunch of books recently that you might want to have a look at before you pull that level in fourteen days, and we’re offering them at lost-our-lease, bargain-basement, you-cannot-resist-these-prices prices. Go ahead, buy one. Buy three. Get one to hand your weird conspiracy-talkin’ cousin at Thanksgiving. Get one for your likable dentist with politically questionable bumper stickers. Collect ’em all. These are some seriously low prices. Just add them to you cart as usual, and when you get to checkout, the discount will—poof!—magically appear. Here’s what we’ve got:

Picture 4Picture 7
Picture 8Picture 9Picture 10Picture 11