December 3, 2010

Day in Review


There’s a new guy at MobyLives and he’s going to be doing this every day. I repeat: every day. Get ready Americans. There will be no further warning ….

Christine O’Donnell gets a book deal. When did America’s love affair with political losers begin?

Ben Greenman and McSweeney’s present WIKILEADS! The Musical

Some things are just to good to be true and PT Anderson adapting Pynchon is one of them.

Publishing really might be 10 years behind the music industry

UK Readers to give away 1m free copies of their favorite books

This isn’t really the triumphant return we’d all expected from Judith Reagan

Preparing for the inevitable doesn’t make it any less sad

Publisher offers coupon to consumers under the assumption they won’t redeem it

Cover designer Peter Mendelsund gives some insight into his process

“Ouch” – indeed

Have to take issue with point #2 but Mr. Fishman makes some interesting points

Didn’t realize we were being so hard on “the Motherf$%ing MFA Students”

Bestselling tips on how to wax yourself??????????????????????

Largehearted Boy lives up to his name – complies a list of Best of 2010 Lists. Reading them all may make your head explode.


Salman Rushdie “Live Until You Die”

And one more bit of Hitchens inspired touching gooey goodness