December 10, 2010

Day in Review


Jeff VanderMeer at Amazon lists books you’ve probably never read, or heard of – and some of which Amazon doesn’t even sell!!!!
But Amazon does sell the Wikileaks cables
Which leads back to this question
And they did this today too

Sex, er sorry, Romance sells

Melville navigating past nihilism

Print isn’t dead – its on the iPad

“America’s most dangerous publisher”

Odd Books

Why do we think the butler did it?

Your Goodreads profile is living in 2009

The January 2011 Indie Next List

Borders posts third quarter results and they ain’t good

A great $40K0-$60K holiday gift

There are still hot young literary agents

Tariq Modood reviews five books on multiculturalism

Poetry bestsellers of 2010

Slate’s best books of 2010