October 4, 2016

David Gutowski of Largehearted Boy needs your help


lhbSome sad news: David Gutowski, of Largehearted Boy, was recently hospitalized with a serious illness, and needs financial help to manage ongoing medical bills and living expenses.

If you exist within the strange and small literary scene, the odds are very good that you know David’s name, have read his writing, and/or have enjoyed the hell out of one of his playlists. He’s a beloved supporter and signal-booster of all things literary (including many Melville House titles), and could use your help right now. You can head to his GoFundMe page and donate here.

Years ago, when I was attempting to enter the publishing industry despite having almost no idea how to do so, a person at one of the big houses gave me some very good advice. “Open a Twitter account,” she said, “and follow these people.” She gave me a list of about a hundred handles, and right near the top was David’s. Now I spend most of my workdays immersed in the odd and satisfying world of book blogs and social media, and David, as before, continues to loom large.

In the years since I was first introduced to David’s warm and engaging brand of book love, I’ve been able to survey the fragile ecosystem of the book industry as maintained by such ephemeral connections as social media, running into each other at Housing Works, and when necessary, banding together to help one of our own survive through hard times. This is one of those times. Please donate whatever you can — and one last time, the donation link is here.



Liam O’Brien is the Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Melville House, and a former bookseller.