December 14, 2012

Das iPad


I have often written about how superior the German book market is to the American — pricing laws have protected a wider variety of stores, which has engendered a wider variety of publishers, which has led to a wider variety of authors … wunderbar.

Then there’s the fact that such a market has also engendered an appreciation of — and ability for publishers to produce — books as beautifully produced objets d’art (a thing I don’t know how to say in German).


Turns out they’re kicking our English-language ass in digital readers, too. Either that or (big shock here) Apple has screwed us.

What am I talking about? Check it out. You don’t need to speak German to understand from the video below that they are selling a far, far cooler iPad in Germany than the cheap-shit edition being foisted upon Americans. Behold:

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