January 24, 2017

What We Do Now: We keep on rolling


As Dan Rather has recently written, “These are not normal times.”

Let’s say this: America’s in crisis. We know this, and, with women as our leaders, we acknowledged it collectively three days ago by coming together for the largest protest in our history. It was a powerful first move. They saw us (and kinda freaked out a little bit, maybe?).

And now, it feels like a lot of us are asking: what do we do next? How do we keep our momentum, and make absolutely clear that this weekend’s resistance was far more than something we needed to get out of our systems? How do we prevent as much as possible of the dizzying harm that’s already being unleashed? And—not least of all—how do we keep our heads straight in all of this?

We don’t know — nobody does. But we’re doing our best to help create the spaces and contexts in which that conversation might happen with What We Do Now, a collection of writing from twenty-seven writers and organizers of the resistance, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Gloria Steinem, George Saunders, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and many others.

We’ve made this page to give a home to resources, links, event info, and ideas for further organizing. Please, take a look, get in touch, let us know what you’re thinking, and how we can help. Let’s all keep this moving together.

Also — a word about one of the organizers of this weekend’s March. Linda Sarsour is, simply, a half-superhero half-rockstar hybrid. She’s also (in addition to one of the contributors to What We Do Now) an activist who is revered and loved for her intersectional organizing, generous spirit, and razor-sharp intellect. If you haven’t yet, you should check out the amazing video of her speech from the march near the top of Julia’s round-up, and watch the event she participated in for the launch of What We Do Now last week.

It seems, alas, that seem very mean people on the internet feel threatened by Linda’s power. They are launching a campaign of hate against her. That, obviously cannot stand. Tweet #IMarchWithLinda to show your support, and re-tweet Linda to amplify her crucial voice!

And, one more time, please visit this action page, and let’s see what we can get going!

And remember to drink water and sleep, everybody.