September 9, 2010

Daddy, how do I change the batteries in this book?


There’s no avoiding the ironies present in blogging about a children’s book that’s a book about books in the age of ipad/twitter/facebook/wi-fi/e-mail/e-books/e-this/e-that. But we won’t go crazy unpacking the inherent meanings and contradictions of the following book trailer either. Like it or not, one day soon the current hand-wringing about e-books will be over. The dust will settle. If New York Magazine’s recent observations that we are “unexpectedly in the midst of an indie-bookstore renaissance” are true, we can take solace in knowing the well-published book “the one you can touch, pick up, smell, taste, drop in a tub without electrocuting yourself” will survive. Barnes and Noble and Borders will either die or adapt to become mostly places to buy e-readers, get a good deal on an in-store download, hang out, drink coffee, and maybe “maybe” buy the odd book or two. (Of course, we all know B&N has thrown their hat in the download ring, aggressively selling the Nook in their Apple-store inspired spaces that sacrifice shelf space for books). The gulf between e-book proponents and antagonists will be crossed, if brutally. And yes, believe it or not, eventually we’ll all be asking ourselves what was the BFD.

But before those growing e-book margins have taken over the majority of space currently occupied by the physical book, there’s no reason not to get a few kicks out of all this change. So, in that spirit, enjoy the following interview with author Lane Smith and a book trailer brought to us by the good folks over at the Wall Street Journal: