June 9, 2021

Comic crowdfunding platform provides additional services to creators



Crowdfunding a project can be hard work. Leading up to its launch, creators have to figure out a whole host of things, such as production, fulfillment, pledge management … I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it. But those grueling days are over with the launch of Zoop. Zoop, co-founded by Jordan Plosky and Eric Moss, is a new crowdfunding service that is designed to fund comics and other pop-culture projects while offering additional support to creators and their campaigns. 

Like on Kickstarter, creators on Zoop can set a specific funding goal and offer rewards to those who donate. However, according to Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly, Zoop differentiates itself from Kickstarter by offering a menu of “a la carte” selection of services to help support its creators from the start of their projects. Plosky, the founder of ComicBlitz, spoke further on this to Publishers Weekly, saying “the other crowdfunding platforms are great but if you’re a user you have to figure out how to do it. It can take months of preparation to launch a crowdfunding campaign. We have vendors in marketing and management and we can offer a suite of services that will make crowdfunding easier and free up the time needed from creators.” On the other end, fans experience a more streamlined service, and can avoid dealing with pledge managers, after-campaigns, or finding ways to only get the rewards they want. 

The platform launched on June 7 and is currently live with its first project, Slow City Blues. The action and humor driven comic series was created by Samuel Haine, Shawn Moll, John Livesay, David Baron, and Thomas Mauer. So far, it’s raised $8,000 of its $25,000 goal. More projects are promised to come in the future. 

All over, independent comic creators are releasing a sigh of relief. Zoop’s got them covered on all of the logistical aspects of crowdfunding, allowing creators to focus solely on the art they love. 



Bryn Goldstein is an intern at Melville House