May 1, 2012

Classic movies on your e-reader


Film aficionados who want the movie experience to be as complete as possible–and who aren’t satisfied with DVDs featuring directors’ cuts, extended scenes, and commentary–will be happy to hear that Warner Brothers Digital Distribution recently announced that they’ll be selling screenplays for classic movies as e-books. The Wall Street Journal reports that as part of its “Inside the Script” initiative, Warner Bros. is hoping to build a market for digital screenplays, and they’re starting by releasing Casablanca, North by Northwest, Ben-Hur, and An American in Paris. Each will be available as a $10 e-book of the film’s actual shooting script, along with archival materials, including Charlton Heston’s acting and shooting journals from the set of Ben Hur.

The e-book editions are available from Apple, B&N, and Amazon. This is what a snippet of a famous North by Northwest scene looks like in the Kindle app for iPhone:

Nick Davies was a publicist at Melville House.