December 5, 2017

Christopher Hitchens vs. Jon Stewart: “You go to war with the president you have”


Because today marks the release of Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview and Other Conversations, and because it’s entirely worth watching, here is Christopher Hitchens now-legendary 2005 Iraq War debate, which found Hitch arguing both the big and small points of Bush II-era foreign policy with none other than Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

The exchange is remarkable. Hitchens (as was his custom) refuses to let any proposition disguise itself as simple or straightforward, while arging (as became his custom) that, mismanaged though it may have been, the 2003 invasion of Iraq had been fundamentally just. He’s composed and forceful throughout, and at one point goes so far as to predict (accurately), “I might get a clap before I’m done.”

Watch it here, and then, whether you’re utterly persuaded, have always thought Hitchens was right, or need a good intellectual sparring partner, pick up your copy:




Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview and Other Conversations is on sale now. Buy your copy here, or at your neighborhood independent bookstore.