May 21, 2013

Charlie Rose to host new primetime show


Unless you’ve written a heartfelt book about a cute dog that changed your life or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s difficult for an author to appear on television these days. In many ways, Charlie Rose’s PBS show is the last of its kind in America, where culture—not just puppies or politics—is truly examined in-depth.

Charlie Rose already appears on CBS This Morning and on his own late-night PBS program, but PBS is going to make him work even harder this July when he’ll begin Charlie Rose Weekend.

Elizabeth Jensen in the New York Times writes that,

“The half-hour program…will cull the best of his late-night program, which has been seen on PBS for two decades. It will also feature original interviews, and will touch on politics, science, business, culture, media and sports…In a statement, PBS said the new “Charlie Rose Weekend” would be a bridge between its Friday evening public affairs program, “Washington Week,” and its arts and culture programming, including the “PBS Arts Fall Festival.”

His new show will, amongst other things, use social media (!!). Said Rose in a statement,

“PBS is my first broadcast home and I’m excited to embark on a new project that, while distinctly different in nature from Charlie Rose, will build on its history and harness the possibilities of the future by a full use of technology and social media…We will offer a fresh look at the people shaping our lives and the questions that demand answers and context. By bringing together top newsmakers each week and engaging the audience in innovative ways, we will invite viewers to start their weekends on Friday with PBS.”

Twitter aside, that’s exciting news for authors and publicists city-wide. And for Charlie Rose fans, it’s another chance to be better informed in your mornings, evenings, and now, all weekend.


Ariel Bogle is a former publicist at Melville House.