July 5, 2016

Brexit is nigh as the UK divides — unbeknownst to a certain mangled apricot hellbeast…


eu-referendum-2016It has happened—Britain is facing a Brexit situation, with 51.9% of the population voting to leave the European Union. So was happens next? The future is widely uncertain. Before the official divorce proceedings can start, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty needs to be triggered by the government, officially giving the UK two years to extricate themselves from the EU. The button hasn’t yet been pressed. What is clear is that the country faces deep divisions. Scotland voted 62% to remain, London 59.9%, and Northern Ireland 55.8%. Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and the leader of the Scottish National Party, has vowed to protect Scotland’s place in the EU and has said the Scottish Government will commence preparations for another independence vote. While this is all common knowledge that has been widely reported, by amongst others the BBC and the Independent, during Donald Trump’s recent visit to Scotland for the opening of his new golf course, he tweeted this gem:

  As you might expect, Twitter exploded in an array of amazement and pure hatred for the presidential candidate, resulting in some excellent wordplay. Nothing like a bit of hatred to get the creative juices flowing. Here are my top five favorite insults:  

_89779479_89f14579-8f34-4e36-8e11-e890a01d303ePlease America, take heed of what is going on here across the pond and make sure you cast your vote, else the toupéd fucktrumpet is coming for you… We’ll be publishing a book on his true atrocities, The Making of Donald Trump, this August.

PS Don’t Donald and Boris make a beautiful couple? Don’t let this happen, folks.



Nikki Griffiths is the managing director of Melville House UK.