November 28, 2018

Bookshop that partially inspired the movie “Notting Hill” is a go-to engagement spot for many book and movie lovers


In Tuesday morning’s Shelf Awareness, readers were reminded of the inextricable link between romance and bookshops with a charming story on Notting Hill Bookshop – an increasingly sought-after engagement destination for book lovers. 

Laura FitzPatrick for the U.K.‘s Sunday Telegraph interviews Notting Hill Bookshop owners/brothers Howard and James Malin, who have noticed with each year couples meticulously (or spontaneously) plan engagements at the shop in London’s district of the same name. “We have had several approaches during the past few years and there’s other people that we are not aware of, like an American couple we didn’t find out about until they returned for their anniversary. We don’t always find out they are proposing but if they want us to do something special, we will,” said James.

Of course, this trend doesn’t just stem from the ubiquitous love of books, but of the mega-cult classic from 1999, “Notting Hill” which starred Hugh Grant as the bumbly bookstore owner (“Flopsy!”) of Book Travel Co., and Julia Roberts. From the U.S., Germany, China and Australia, fans of this rom-com hope to recreate the cutesy romance of the movie (I’m sorry but it is a super cute movie).

With the twentieth anniversary of the movie fast approaching, the Malin brothers expect to be “inundated” with engagement requests in their little bookshop.




Alex Primiani is the associate director of publicity at Melville House.