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The Red, White, and Blue Fiction Bundle

These colors don’t run… out of imagination!

The Ghost Network: One minute insanely famous pop singer Molly Metropolis is on her way to a major performance in Chicago, and the next, she’s gone, her cell phone found abaondoned. Has she been kidnapped? Gone into hiding? The Ghost Network is a suspenseful, wildly original novel about larger-than-life fantasies. Debut novelist Catie Disabato bursts on the scene with an ingeniously plotted, witty, haunting mystery.

Spurious: In a raucous debut, writer and philosopher Lars Iyer tells the story of someone very like himself with a “slightly more successful” friend, and their journeys in search of more palatable literary conferences with, of course, better gin. The narrator’s home is slowly being taken over by a fungus that no one knows what to do about. He feels compelled to solve some major philosophical questions (such as “Why?”) and the meaning of his urge to write, as well as the source of the fungus… before it’s too late. Or, he has to move.

The Mirror Thief: A dazzling combination of a genre-hopping adventure, fast-paced mystery, and literary verve. Set in three cities in three eras, The Mirror Thief calls to mind David Mitchell and Umberto Eco in its serendipitous mix of entertainment and literary mastery. A New York Times Notable Book of 2016, among many other honors.