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The New Debut Fiction, Paperback Bundle

The Book of Formation + Eggshells + Rules for Werewolves

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The Book of Formation: Artistically innovative, darkly funny, and morally complex, Believer magazine editor Ross Simonini’s The Book of Formation peers into the subconscious desires of our culture, and the celebrities and spiritual leaders we believe will save us. The Independent calls it “astonishingly well done…. due to Simonini’s impressive handling of his form… clearly he is an expert in the spoken word and oral storytelling.” Agreed.

Eggshells: Caitriona Lally offers readers an exhilaratingly fresh take on the Irish love for lyricism, humor, and inventive wordplay in a book that is, in itself, deeply charming, and deeply moving. The Irish Times rightly observes, “The black comedy gives the book a jaunty quality that complements the dazzling trip around Dublin.”

Rules for Werewolves: In the tradition of Colson Whitehead’s Zone One, a visionary debut novel from Kirk Lynn about shelter, escape, family, violence, and… dumpster-diving. Publishers Weekly calls it “a parable about loneliness, violence, and modern malaise…. one of the first post-recession, post–housing crisis American novels of truly alienated youth and suburban fear.”