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The “Every Man Totes Alone” Bundle

This one is simple: you get a book, you get a tote with an amazing line from that book emblazoned across it. You hit the streets, make awesome friends, the world becomes safe for democracy once more. Easy.

Every Man Dies Alone: Primo Levi called it “The greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis.” This rediscovered masterpiece, lost after World War II, was translated for the first time into English in 2009 by Melville House and became one of the most acclaimed books of the year. It presents a rich portrait of life in Berlin under the Nazis and tells a sweeping saga of one working-class couple who decide to take a stand. They launch a simple, clandestine resistance campaign that soon has an enraged Gestapo on their trail, and a world of terrified neighbors and cynical snitches ready to turn them in.

The Hans Fallada Resistance Tote: Black tote bag that doubles as a reminder of the First Rule of the Resistance: FIGHT BACK. On the front is a quote from Every Man Dies Alone; on the back, the Melville House logo. The slightly-longer-than-usual black cotton strap makes it easy to carry this on your shoulder. Perfect for carrying books and water to the protest, or, for that matter, to the beach. Howler monkey sold separately.