The Aeronauts

Travels in the Air

In 1862, ambitious scientist James Glaisher set out to do the impossible: ascend higher into the skies than ever before to establish his ground-breaking research.

Written in his own words, The Aeronauts chronicles Glaisher’s incredible flights and discoveries first hand, as well as his observations on the pioneers who came before and inspired him. His death-defying journey forms the story of the forthcoming Major Motion Picture The Aeronauts, starring Eddie Redmayne as Glaisher and Felicity Jones as his balloon companion, Amelia Wren.

James Glaisher (1809-1903) was an English meteorologist, aeronaut, and astronomer who worked at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich for forty-three years. He was a founding member of the Meteorological Society and the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain. He is most famous as a pioneering balloonist and his ascent on 5th September 1862 along with Henry Tracey Coxwell broke the world record for altitude.