Tell Her Everything

The acclaimed and award-winning novel, Tell Her Everything, is a heartbreaking, brilliant, and emotionally absorbing novel about ethics, filial love, and the corrosive nature of complicity.

As he prepares for a visit from his estranged daughter, Dr K, a retired surgeon enjoying the comforts of retirement in London, rehearses the conversations he will have with her over the course of her visit. It’s been years since he has seen her. He spent much of his time polishing the confession he wants to make to her.

As her visit gets closer, he recalls the country, a prosperous oil monarchy,  he left India for to make his home and career. A dream job, the hospital he worked was just a ten minute walk from home. He had access to a lifestyle that he would never have had back home. Money and success came quickly, but the price was  steep and often unbearable, especially to a wife and daughter who watch him walk the perilous path of lifelong ambition.

TELL HER EVERYTHING is a tense, visceral and moving novel about a father’s love for his daughter and a medical professional gripping with remorse, shame and despair. Recalling the work of Ishiguro, Coatzee and Kafka, it asks: Where does one draw the line between empathy and sacrifice? Between integrity and survival. Between prosperity and love?

Mirza Waheed was born and brought up in Kashmir. His debut novel, The Collaborator, was an international bestseller, a finalist for the Guardian First Book Award and the Shakti Bhatt Prize, and long listed for the Desmond Elliot Prize. It was also a Book of the Year for The Daily Telegraph, New Statesman, Financial Times, Business Standard and The Telegraph (India), among others.