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No Cause for Indictment

An Autopsy of Newark

The definitive account of the buildup, chaos, and aftermath of one of the worst urban riots in US history: the 1967 Newark riots. Being re-issued on the fortieth anniversary of the devastating event, No Cause For Indictment is a must-read to understand issues still facing urban America: poverty, political corruption, and racism.

Forty years ago, Newark’s oppressed black majority erupted in revolt and were ruthlessly put down by the police and National Guard units. When other reporters were too afraid, Ronald Porambo walked the streets of Newark and took four years to research and write the whole story. Its publication resulted in two attempts on his life.

This edition includes an introduction from the editor of the original manuscript about the tumult surrounding the book’s publication, and an afterword interviewing the author about the struggles he faced after publication.

RONALD PORAMBO lived in Newark and was a journalist at several New York City-area newspapers, including the Elizabeth Daily Journal in New Jersey. No Cause for Indictment grew out of a series he wrote for that paper, and it took him four years of research to finish the book.

“Porambo speaks chillingly of crime, prison beatings, and hopelessness in this dark, riveting story.” —Jimmy Breslin

“Porambo is energetic, angry, and tough on everyone.” New York Review of Books

“This is the archeology of two Newar riots — the first one by angry slum dwellers, the second the savage retaliation by the forces of ‘law and order.’ Telling a story like this took astonishing courage and industry. Ron Porambo’s book is simply a monument in investigative journalism.” —Rick Perlstein, author of Before the Storm

“A stinging condemnation of the corruption, racism, poverty and police brutality that fomented the city’s 1967 riots.” The Star-Ledger

“It was a reference point… One had to be able to say, ‘Yes, I know that book’ whether you had read it or not.” —Amiri Baraka, former poet laureate of New Jersey and father of current Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka