Mr. Breakfast

From one of the great modern masters of the fantastic, “A beautiful, brilliant, meditation on art, love, inspiration and what makes life worthwhile.” —Neil Gaiman

Graham Patterson’s life has hit a dead end. His career as a comedian is failing. The love of his life recently broke up with him and he literally has no idea what to do next. With nothing to lose, he buys a new car and hits the road, planning to drive across country and hopefully figure out his next moves before reaching California.

But along the way Patterson does something his old self would never have even considered: he gets tattooed by a brilliant tattoo artist in North Carolina. The decision sets off a series of extraordinary events that changes his life forever in ways he never could have imagined. Among other things, Patterson is gifted with the ability to see in real time three different lives that are available to him. The choice is his: The life he is leading right now, or two very different ones. In all of them there is love or fame and of course danger because once he has chosen, there is no telling what will happen next.

Mr. Breakfast is a dazzling, absorbing and deeply moving novel about the choices that we have to confront and face, confirming Jonathan Carroll’s status as one of our greatest and most imaginative storytellers.

Jonathan Carroll is the author of seventeen novels, including the critically acclaimed The Ghost in LoveThe Land of Laughs, and Outside the Dog Museum, for which he has won a British Fantasy award. Jonathan has also written two story collections, with his stories winning a Pushcart Prize, two French Fantasy Awards, a Bram Stoker Award, and a World Fantasy Award. His work has been published in over thirty languages, and he has over 110,000 followers on Facebook.

“Jonathan Carroll is one of my favorite living writers. [Mr. Breakfast is]  a  beautiful, brilliant, meditation on art, love, inspiration and what makes life worthwhile. Such a treat.”  — Neil Gaiman

”Few recent works of fiction in any genre have touched on the vagaries of life, love, and art more movingly or with deeper understanding. An intoxicating, deeply affecting novel by the influential fantasist.” Kirkus, STARRED review

”A compulsively readable, introspective tale about the road not taken… At its heart, this is an arresting and imaginative meditation on life. Perfect for fans of magical realism with a free-flowing style like that of David Mitchell and Toshikazu Kawaguchi.” Library Journal

”As always with the exceptionally imaginative Carroll, he creates complex worlds for his hero to inhabit and with clever crossovers between realms that are carefully thought out and fun to explore. Carroll’s attention to details is impressive, and the unexpected prevails.” Booklist

”Reading Jonathan Carroll, one thinks of a blind person stroking a drugged tiger – an experience that is sensuous, dreamy, and dangerous all at once. And then, of course, the tiger wakes up.”
– Bruce Wagner, novelist and screenwriter

“Amazing, perplexing, and unforgettable. A magical world that forces the reader to put aside his own and live only in wonder.” —Stanislaw Lem