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In Sardinia

An Unexpected Journey in Italy

Journey to the enigmatic island of Sardinia deep into the “land of the muses” with award-winning historian Jeff Biggers.

After three decades of living and traveling in Italy, Jeff Biggers finally crossed over to Sardinia, where an even older civilization evolved into one of the cradles of the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean, flourished as the crossroads of Europe and the Arab world in the dark ages, and has served as the staging ground for some of the most daring, resilient and innovative cultural developments in modern Europe.

And today, it’s going through an extraordinary cultural revival….“This land resembles no other place,” D. H. Lawrence wrote in 1921, after his six-day journey to the island. “Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel–nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself.”

Yet, outside of magazine articles on the beaches, its “Blue Zone” health phenomenon and some strange and obscure folkways, the millions of American readers and travelers to Sardinia and Italy still have only Lawrence’s outdated work from 1921 to rely on.

Thus, in the tradition of Kurlansky’s Basque History of the World, Peter Hessler’s Oracle Bones: A Journey Through in China, and Tim Parks’ narratives on Italy, In Sardinia is an engaging cultural history narrative that will inform, entertain and mesmerize a waiting readership.

Author of eight award-winning books of travel writing, cultural history, and investigative reporting, Biggers has lived and worked in Bologna, Florence and Alghero (Sardinia) for several years, and been based part-time in Italy since 1989.  As a historian, journalist and travel writer, Biggers has specialized on cultural histories of marginalized regions, writing the landmark narrative nonfiction book, The United States of Appalachia (Counterpoint), which Studs Terkel hailed as a “how-to book,” and “an inspiring book that should be a best seller immediately.”