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Health Justice Now

Single Payer and What Comes Next

The sun is setting on America’s half-century-long experiment in punishing the sick. A single-payer program is within reach. Even as their elected officials deny it, Americans demand it. In Health Justice Now, healthcare advocate and organizer Tim Faust shows the nuts and bolts of the current system—Who are the payers? Who are the providers? How are the rest of us lumped into risk pools?—can morph into a single-payer model that benefits us all. Once we’ve achieved single-payer healthcare, a whole world of progressive reforms becomes within reach.

TIM FAUST is a health justice activist based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a graduate student at NYU and a single-payer organizer with the Democratic Socialists of America. He produces HEAVYXMEDICAL, a podcast about health policy and metal music.