Death and Other Holidays

Funny, tender, and wholly original, Death & Other Holidays is a year in the life of a young woman coming to terms with the death of her beloved stepfather, while attempting to find love in LA. We are introduced to her friends and family, as she struggles to launch herself out into the world, to take the risks of love – the one constancy in all the change.

Told with a great good humor and underlying affection for all its characters, Death and Other Holidays announces a brilliant and assured new voice in American fiction.

MARCI VOGEL is an award-winning writer, translator and poet. Death & Other Holidays is her fiction debut, and won the inaugural Miami Book Fair / de Groot Prize for fiction.

“Death and Other Holidays brilliantly balances humor and anger, sorrow and beauty. Vogel’s subjects may be grief and death, but her writing reflects life as we live it, life with its many intricate, unnoticed balances.” –NPR

“Death and Other Holidays is the rare book that treats relentless, humdrum grief with humor and pathos—and without a shred of sentimentality … It’s a realist work in an unreal world. With unparalleled tenderness, she recognizes our celebrations of life as heroic efforts to think about literally anything else.” —The New Republic

“Hypnotic and elegant prose.” –Buzzfeed News

Spare, beautiful, and by turns heartbreaking and hilarious.” –LitHub

“A stirring portrait told in keenly-sketched scenes… with candid insight that is tender, playful and sparkles with originality.”BOOK RIOT

“A tour de force … Composed of gorgeous vignettes … Death and Other Holidays is raw, honest, and darkly humorous. Vogel’s tight prose reads like something of a diary by its immediacy, capturing the inner workings of April’s mind, and speaks to the aching young adult in all of us.” –Arkansas International

One of Emma Robert’s favorites of the year. The perfect book for a darkly funny friend.” –Belletrist

“Poignant and affecting… It’s the sort of prose that may make you cry but over its lyrical beauty and spot-on turns of phrase.”FULL STOP

A moving and graceful novella of overcoming sorrow.” —Kirkus Reviews (STARRED)

“Short but mighty… a remarkable confluence of palpable mood, a capricious and shifting tone, and wise character studies… An original and affecting tour of family, the calendar, and the days that bind us to both.” —BOOKLIST 

A gently humorous book tinged with melancholy… [an] entertaining read.” –The London Magazine

“Tender (good for bedtime reading) and touching (but not saccharine). I was searching for the ’death’ and realized that what I was getting was ’life.’ It’s lovely.” –Karen Zarker, managing editor of PopMatters

“Vogel is a master at planting improbable seeds — the ashes of a loved one; fertile words like Petaluma — and growing them into a strange and magnificent garden.”
Rivka Galchen, author of American Innovations

“Beautifully conceived and beautifully executed.  Marci Vogel is an artist in complete control of her materials.” —Percival Everett, author of So Much Blue
“Vogel builds, with lightness and clear eyes, a vibrant world of family, love, and loss. Skillful and charming … all made by a voice that trembles between boldness and vulnerability.” —Aimee Bender, author of The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

”Wryly appealing and quietly moving… as well as deftly constructed.” Jim Shepard, author of The Book of Aron and judge of the Miami Book Fair/de Groot Prize