Big Giant Floating Head

After his wife announces on Twitter that she’s leaving him, Christopher’s life in small-town Coolidge just goes from one catastrophe to another. He contracts a strange illness that divides him in half, undergoes a failure competition, and is driven to join a cult called The Unloveables. How did it all get this bad? How can he regain his bearings, and find meaning and love once again?

Heartfelt and riotously imaginative, Big Giant Floating Head is the daring, dazzling account of a man’s struggle with love, loss and redemption.


CHRISTOPHER BOUCHER is author of the widely praised novels Golden Delicious and How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. He teaches literature and writing at Boston College and edits the literary journal Post Road. He lives with his wife and two children in Newton, MA.

“Chris Boucher’s Big Giant Floating Head plays by an improbable logic all its own, and is heartbreaking and hilarious in the manner of Brautigan and Flann O’Brien, or a Krazy Kat comic redrawn by M.C. Escher.” —Jonathan Lethem

“Boucher makes the world come alive by making language come alive.” – George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo

“This is a novel of mad vitality, much invention, and serious fun.”—Kevin Barry, author of City of Bohane, IMPAC Winner

“Hilarious, dark and stunningly surreal. Each chapter shines with singular wonder as Boucher harnesses his unique brand of fabulism to deftly explore the tragicomic terrain of love and loss. This novel will surprise and delight, make you laugh out loud even as it breaks your heart.”—Mona Awad, author of Bunny