February 27, 2018

Books of (De)formation: A galle(r)y show


So, we’re a publishing house. We’re in the business of making books. (Making books, by the way, is pretty difficult, and a whole lot of fun.)

One book we recently made is Ross Simonini’s Book of Formation. It’s an amazing debut novel: darkly funny, formally innovative, intensely readable.

But that’s not why we’re here right now. At least, not exactly.

For Exhibition A, “the insider source for museum-quality contemporary art editions,” Ross has taken eight galleys of the book and transformed them in stunning, weird ways that highlight certain aspects of the work.

“These eight books correspond to the eight interviews in the book,” Ross says. “The materials relate to book’s content: rice, antibiotics, Southern Californian sand, a trackpad, hair, and acorns. All copies of the edition have been treated like personalities to be transformed.”

You’d probably like to get a look, wouldn’t you? Well then, without further ado: