May 15, 2019

BookBar in Denver giving away free copies of The Mueller Report


Last week, BookBar (exactly what it sounds like, a heavenly bookstore-bar combo) in Denver kicked off a Mueller Report giveaway. While supplies last, the indie bookstore’s nonprofit organization, BookGive, is offering free copies of our edition of The Mueller Report.

In a blog post on the store website, they explain why:

Regardless of which side of the political divide you may fall, we can all probably agree on the importance of this report. We recognize that, for some, purchasing books is a luxury. As it is our mission to provide books for all who need them, BookGive is proud to be able to remove any economic barriers to having access to a document that we believe every American should be able to read for themselves.

Thanks for the support, BookBar! We’re thrilled to play a part in such a noble endeavor.

The offer is only available for in-store pickup, so if you’re in Denver be sure to stop by.



Amelia Stymacks is the former director of digital marketing at Melville House.