November 28, 2018

Book tour: on the road with University of Nike author Joshua Hunt


Melville House author Joshua Hunt went on tour to support the fall release of University of Nike and we have the low-down on what went on behind the scenes. Check out some of Hunt’s snapshots and commentary on his life on the road with the book.

1. Landing in Portland, Oregon.

“Minutes after arriving in Portland, Oregon for the University of Nike book launch, I came across a strange sign consisting solely of a Nike ‘swoosh’ and an arrow pointing left. It was hardly an unusual sight in the community where Nike’s headquarters are located, but still, I resisted the urge to see where the arrow might lead me.”


2. Google in Seattle, Washington.


“On October 31st, I was invited to visit Google’s Seattle headquarters to talk to employees about University of Nike as part of the company’s Talks at Google YouTube series. Two booksellers from the University of Washington bookstore were on hand to sell copies of the book to staff members who came out for the talk.”


3. Talks at Google Youtube Series.


“After speaking about University of Nike for the Talks at Google series, employees at the company’s Seattle campus brought me to the Authors at Google Library, where they placed a copy of my book alongside volumes penned by previous speakers, including Jane Mayer and Michael Pollan. On the way, this “Google” light display caught my eye.”


4. Closing out the book tour.

“On November 12, I was privileged to end the University of Nike book tour at Kramerbooks, in Washington, D.C., where C-SPAN showed up to document our discussion for Book TV.”


5. University of Nike spotted in the wild.


“And, last but not least, my friend Dave Roth sent me this photo from Portland, Oregon. Interesting company the book is keeping!”