April 7, 2018

Blood, frogs, lice, Saturday


You know what sucked?

Monday. Monday sucked.

You know what else?

Tuesday. Boy, that was just the worst.

I also wasn’t especially keen on Wednesday.

Thursday can take a hike.

Friday, at least, made some kind of effort.

But today, friends. Today is Saturday. We awaited it. We dreamed of it. We longed for it. And now it has arrived.

Let us commence the celebration in our customary manner: by revisiting the blogging we’ve been doing over the past week:

“Holland 1898,” by Frederick Carl Frieseke, born 144 years ago today

We were also delighted to publish:

Being mere humans, there were, inevitably, a few stories we just didn’t get to:

And, finally, it is Saturday, you’ve survived 144 hours of tribulation, and you’re entitled to a cartoon. A cartoon you shall have, and we hope you’re ready for it: Caroline Leaf’s very beautiful The Street.

That’s that! Take care, sleep late, and we’ll see you right back here Monday morning!