June 27, 2018

Beach libraries are the new wave


It is officially beach season, which means it’s officially beach reading season. And while there are a ton of lists that will tell you which books to bring to the beach, we’re more into the new growing trend of borrowing a book from the beach.

As Marisa Spyker writes at Coastal Living, beach libraries are now a Thing. Much like Free Little Libraries, beach libraries work on the honor system: take a book to read while you hang out on the beach, return it before you leave.

At the Albena Resort in Bulgaria, the beach library holds more than 6,000 books in fifteen different languages. Made from special materials resistant to wind and sun, with a special covering to protect from rain, it was built about five years ago.

Spyker reports that through some social media digging, she found beach libraries throughout the world: the hashtag #beachlibrary yields more than 1,600 posts, showcasing spots in Dubai, Australia, Vietnam, Peru, and more.

Some of the libraries—particularly those at resorts—are large and glamorous, while others are smaller. But no matter what, these libraries all share the mission of bringing the joy of reading to those who are trying to kick back and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach.

Just one question — are these beach libraries currently hiring any librarians for the summer season?



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.