Taylor Sperry

Taylor Sperry is an editor at Melville House.

Let Girls Learn… or not

Yesterday, CNN announced it had obtained “an internal document” from the Trump administration, outlining the discontinuation of Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” program — an education initiative aimed at providing opportunitiesRead more »

Medieval cures for gross infections

In an unusual collaboration at the University of Nottingham, a professor of Viking studies has teamed up with a group of microbiologists to seek medieval remedies for modern, increasingly antibiotic-resistantRead more »

Clear your conscience: return that library book

Who among us does not know the dread of discovering in her closet an old library book, a borrowed-from-an-ex book, or a very-much-on-temporary-loan-from-a-professor-with-sentimental-attachments-to-it book (just saying)? It’s very embarrassing—sometimes tooRead more »