Taylor Sperry

Taylor Sperry is an editor at Melville House.

Medieval cures for gross infections

In an unusual collaboration at the University of Nottingham, a professor of Viking studies has teamed up with a group of microbiologists to seek medieval remedies for modern, increasingly antibiotic-resistantRead more »

Clear your conscience: return that library book

Who among us does not know the dread of discovering in her closet an old library book, a borrowed-from-an-ex book, or a very-much-on-temporary-loan-from-a-professor-with-sentimental-attachments-to-it book (just saying)? It’s very embarrassing—sometimes tooRead more »


Get your mind out of the gutter, Kevin. On Tuesday night’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune”—the (usually) good-clean-fun game show beloved by all delinquent schoolchildren faking sick at home—host PatRead more »