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Week 14: $1.99 Ebook Sale

As promised, we have a batch of novellas on sale for $1.99 this week. From classics like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s May Day to cult favorites like Christopher Morley’s The HauntedRead more »

Week 13: Ebook Sale

This week we have another selection of ebooks from the Last Interview series on sale for $1.99—as well as one of our favorite genre-hopping adventures, The Mirror Thief, on sale forRead more »

A Message from Melville House

Melville House resolutely stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and condemns police violence against black people. And while we in fact deplore violence of any kind, including the lootingRead more »

Week 11: Ebook Sale

We have a great selection of Last Interview ebooks on sale this week. Each volume contains the subject’s last interview, as well as a handful of the most interesting interviewsRead more »