Melville House

Yours, Willa Cather

Because it’s always a good day to think about frontier novelist, America original, and Melville House author Willa Cather, may we recommend that you get yourself a mug of something, grabRead more »

Happy 114, Georges Simenon!

Today marks 114 years from the birth of Belgian author and intriguing character Georges Simenon. For much of the twentieth century, Simenon was the hardest-working man in the European fictionRead more »

Three down, 205 to go…

Another week, everyone. There’s cause for gladness. For now, the federal judiciary is holding up, and the constitutional principles most directly under assault from the Turnip Administration are being defended.Read more »

Happy ninety, Kenneth Anger!

There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the world today; something to be really happy about is the ninetieth birthday of Kenneth Anger, author, filmmaker, and occultist. BornRead more »

What we’re doing now

Wow, okay. Complicated weekend. On the negative side, a fascist has seized control of the White House, is ejecting the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the National Security Council andRead more »

What We Do Now: We keep on rolling

As Dan Rather has recently written, “These are not normal times.” Let’s say this: America’s in crisis. We know this, and, with women as our leaders, we acknowledged it collectively threeRead more »