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Happy birthday, Elfriede Jelinek!

Happy seventy-first birthday to Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek! Best known for her novels and plays, she’s also written essays, screenplays, and poems, all of them marked by stark intelligence, far leftRead more »

Salman Rushdie, sit-com star

Long ago, in a distant land called “The Nineties,” there was a very good TV show called Seinfeld, which everybody loved. (Well, almost everybody.) In a memorable scene from that show’s fourth season, Kramer,Read more »

Out today: Infinite Ground by Martin MacInnes

Today we’re delighted to be publishing Martin MacInnes’s gripping, mind-melting Infinite Ground. It’s been called “strange, haunting dislocating.” It’s been compared to “Kafka, refined by Jorge Luis Borges.” It will changeRead more »

Grab life by the Saturday

Wow. Many weeks on this earth are difficult; few are dominated by the spectacle of a US Secretary of State calling a press conference just for the opportunity to avoidRead more »