Amelia Stymacks

Amelia Stymacks is the former director of digital marketing at Melville House.

Week 18: $1.99 Ebook Sale

How to Sharpen Pencils David Rees Deep in New York’s Hudson River Valley, craftsman David Rees—the world’s number one #2 pencil sharpener—still practices the age-old art of manual pencil sharpening.Read more »

Week 12: Ebook Sale

Another week, another ebook sale! We have a fantastic selection of novellas for $1.99 this week—as well as a special sale on Malcolm Harris’s Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit. Smart,Read more »

Week 8: Ebook Sale

This week we have a selection of ebooks from our beloved Last Interview series on sale for $1.99. Each volume contains the subject’s last interview, as well as some ofRead more »