January 30, 2019

Author Spotlight: Ron Fein, John Bonifaz and Ben Clements at Need to Impeach Summit


Author spotlight!

This week, Free Speech for People and Need to Impeach teamed together to host an impeachment summit in Washington, D.C. The summit was both a call to action and a strategy session for activists from around the United States with a goal to provide participants with tools to pressure representatives to remove Donald Trump from power.

At the event, participants:

•Heard from former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who was a member of the House Judiciary Committee that recommended three Articles of Impeachment against former President Richard Nixon in 1974

•Learned about the impeachment process and the 10 legal grounds for impeachment proceedings against Trump, including imprisoning children in internment camps and obstruction of justice by firing and threatening to fire senior Justice Department officials and other actions to interfere with the Russia investigation

•Developed grassroots organizing skills to take the messages back into their communities to continue building support for impeachment

•Attended a Need to Impeach Town Hall about the state of the union under Trump and his administration

•Fanned out across Capitol Hill hand delivering the Articles of Impeachment, which highlight the 10 legal grounds for impeachment proceedings, to their members of Congress

The Articles of Impeachment that were hand delivered to members of Congress included a copy of The Constitution Demands It by Ron Fein, John Bonifaz and Ben Clements.

The Constitution Demands It co-author John Bonifaz delivering his book to Representative Nancy Pelosi.

All three authors of The Constitution Demands It and Vermont Law School professor Jennifer Taub held a panel at the Impeachment Summit.

(Left to right) Ron Fein, Jennifer Taub, John Bonifaz and Ben Clements from Free Speech for People addressed activists on the 10 legal grounds for impeachment proceedings against the president.

Stay up to date on how Fein, Bonifaz and Clements are working to make the ideas in their book a reality.



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