February 7, 2019

Author Spotlight: Jason Heller organizes a free writer’s retreat


Author spotlight!

Jason Heller, author of Strange Stars, worked with Englewood Public Library in Colorado to create a free two day Writer’s Retreat. The purpose of the retreat is to provide support and skills to writers. Heller, an organizer and instructor for the event, says:

What writers get out of a workshop is being able to share their pitfalls and triumphs. Writing by nature is a solitary pursuit. One of the best things about workshops is being able to see that you’re not alone.

According to the Englewood Herald, the other instructors come from all different areas of writing and will lead discussions on fiction, non-fiction, young adult, comic, historical writing and horror. The workshop will also cover part of the publishing process and how to work with editors. 

Heller will be the first speaker at the retreat and plans to discuss how essays and memoirs work as both expressions of the truth and stories that are allowed artistic license. See the full agenda, and the clever event flier that asks readers, “Do you have a book trapped inside your head?”

This event is a great reminder of what an amazing resource libraries are and also a reminder of how lucky we are to have talented writers like Heller support others in the writing community. 



Christina Cerio is the Manager of Direct Sales & Special Projects at Melville House.