August 24, 2016

August is quiet, but the book world rolls on…


MobyLives is on hiatus this August, which is why you haven’t seen as many bylines as usual — although there have been some phenomenal ones, like Curtis White’s demonological look at Donald TrumpLiam O’Brien’s umlaut-rich travelogue through Iceland with Viking Economics, and Jessica Yung’s excellent and sustained coverage of the media crackdown currently unfolding in Turkey. We’ve also spent some ink (well, pixels) following the exploits of superhero journalist David Cay Johnston, which seems only natural, considering that after he had the good sense to write the book of record on the news story of the summer, and we (pardon our modesty) had the good sense to publish it, booksellers (thank you, we love you) and the book-buying public (thank you, we love you) had the good sense to turn it into a New York Times bestseller.

Still, we’ve been keeping a comparatively low profile this month. We’re excited to bound into autumn on the strength of some fabulous books and some mighty good writing; in the meantime, here are some updates to stories we’ve covered recently.

Enjoy the last, languorous weeks of summer! Get some reading done!