June 22, 2016

At long last: Death by Video Game, the video game


This week, we’re proud to be releasing Simon Parkin’s Death by Video Game into the world. It’s a book Library Journal has called “groundbreaking,” and praised for “accomplishing that rare feat of teaching while entertaining.” It’s a book that has gotten Simon blown up by aliens. It’s a book that’s available now, through our website or at an indie bookseller near you.

You should definitely read this excerpt published by Ars Technica, and this one published right here at MobyLives.

And then you should very definitely play the Death by Video Game Video Game.  Just think! If you play the Death by Video Game Video Game till you croak, it’ll make headlines as the first confirmed case of Death by Death by Video Game Video Game. And if we made a video game of that, and you played that game till you croaked, it’d be Death by Death by Death by Video Game Video Game Video Game.  And if someone in turn were to make a video game of that…  well, you get the idea.