Anti-Antifa book protested at Powell’s Books; free speech confusion continues

Protestors have gathered at famous indie bookstore Powell’s, in Portland, Oregon, to express their opposition to the store’s selling of Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, by right-wingRead more »

Backlist Staff Picks

Before we log off for the holidays, we had to do one more round of staff picks. After asking the scrappy Melville House team what books they’d recommend to readers that weRead more »

Melville House 2020 Staff Picks

It’s time for the annual ritual where we begin reflecting on the year as it comes to an end. Except 2020 is arguably different than the previous years. People can’tRead more »

Barrett Browning’s bleak beachcation: lonely letter lamenting isolation lifted to fame

While books have depicted themes of isolation, pandemics, and loneliness for centuries, I think we can all agree that this is the first time we 21st century folk can relateRead more »

Communities rally to combat racial bias at BIPOC-owned bookstores

“Get out, we do not want your kind here.” Sandra Dear, owner of The Little Boho Bookshop, read the anonymous note left in her mailbox just hours before the grandRead more »

Poet’s prize prompts pettiness: rights plight cited

[Note from the marketing director] After last week’s fiasco the managing editor has been restored to factory settings, but is currently on probation. We will be watching him closely. ASRead more »

Mega-press Penguin Random House Simon & Schuster is not great

A couple of weeks ago Bertelsmann announced that it was buying Simon & Schuster, combining the largest and third largest publishers in the United States. The news was not wellRead more »

Bye-Bye BEA: Big Book Bonanza Bails, No Replacement Seen

In a move that surprised exactly no one, trade-show behemoth ReedPop announced that BookExpo, formerly the annual conference of the American Booksellers Association, would cease to exist, ending a traditionRead more »

Small Business Saturday – Persisting in Celebration

As we gear up to celebrate the end of this most… trying* year, one thing is for certain: 2020 has forced individuals and companies worldwide to think out of theRead more »

Royal Society of Literature unveils new diversity plan

In more “seriously it’s 2020 how is this just now happening” diversity news, the Royal Society of Literature (RSL) in the UK has announced that the late Andrea Levy willRead more »

British artists demand to roam free

Artists in merry old England want more access to their countryside. And to do so, they used the tried-and-true, never-fails method of penning an open letter to the prime minister.Read more »

NaNoWriMo is here!

It’s November! The last month of the best season (fall)! I’m sure we all have complicated feelings about November this year and many of us are still at home withRead more »

First Irish woman to win International Dublin Literary Award

“The day Somebody McSomebody put a gun to my breast and called me a cat and threatened to shoot me was the same day the milkman died.” Well, then. IfRead more »

Benefits of bad books? Young reader weighs in

Casting a wide net, our omnivorous marketing director came across an interesting essay written by a high-school student named Daniel Ma and published in something called the Post Bulletin. YoungRead more »

Two Chicago bookstores symbolize what’s at stake this holiday shopping season

Last week we wrote about the American Bookseller Association’s #BoxedOut campaign in which select indie storefronts were covered in the familiar drab of Amazon boxes carrying slogans like “Anyone else feel weirdRead more »


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Instagram… although we may not be celebrating many parties in-person this year because of our lovely virus friend, weRead more »

“BoxedOut” campaign to warn customers of costs of shopping on Amazon this season

For the last couple of days, Americans stopped squabbling, put aside their differences, and gathered ’round the table as family for the harvest of Amazon Prime. Prime Day–as the annual eventRead more »

One partnership sending books to prisons

One thing many people have learned during the various stages of coronavirus lockdown is that books make for excellent escapes. For incarcerated people this has long been a truth, butRead more »

Jenny Holzer drops art app: lit refs abound

Famed postmodernist artist Jenny Holzer is releasing a mobile app on Monday that will allow quotes from selected Great Books to be projected, Holzer-style, onto nearby surfaces. The project—or whateverRead more »

The late Riley Gale, singer of Power Trip, to have Dallas library named for him

Riley Gale, the singer of Dallas, TX, thrash heroes Power Trip, died unexpectedly this August at the simply tragic age of 34. He was one of the best frontmen in theRead more »

Raymond Chandler once tried his hands at jokes…

Raymond Chandler, author of hardboiled detective classics The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye among many others, isn’t exactly known for his silly side. But apparently, he once wrote aRead more »

Writers and publishers stand in support of trans and non-binary people

I’m sure we all remember earlier this summer when J.K. Rowling squashed all of our tween Harry Potter hearts when she publicly offered her criticism on transgender ideology. Soon afterRead more »

Barack Obama’s memoir crowds in on Booker Prize announcement, everything else

If you’re wondering why we haven’t exactly reported on one of the biggest publishing stories of the year–the nuclear blast to the publishing landscape that is Barack Obama’s A PromisedRead more »

Indie bookstores are nervous about the holiday season

This year has been a garbage fire for everyone, but in the publishing industry, indie booksellers have had a particularly rough go of it. For many indies their business modelRead more »