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NYC protests new Amazon headquarters

“G-T-F-O, Amazon has got to go!” chanted protestors in a Cyber Monday demonstration against the mega-retailer set to become a mega-bummer in New Yorkers’ lives. Activists gathered at Herald SquareRead more »

The Doctor is releasing his own book

Ever wonder what it’d be like to see a TV show written by its star actor? Look no further than Scratchman, an upcoming Doctor Who novel by the Fourth DoctorRead more »

Kurt Vonnegut on how to write a short story

Want to write a short story? Sure, that’s not too hard. But what about a good short story? That’s a little trickier. But, it’s worth it. The art of writingRead more »

Ways to Hide in Winter has a special ebook deal going on

It’s no secret: we love books. In the Thanksgiving spirit, we have a great deal to share with you.  Starting today, Sarah St. Vincent’s Ways to Hide in Winter ebookRead more »

Why wait? Our Black Friday sale is on now

Well folks, it’s Thanksgiving. And that means one thing: books, books, oh, and more books.  Yes, it’s time to get excited–take a minute away from familial obligations, the vicious newsRead more »

A bookstore in England sold a book that had been sitting on their shelves for 27 years

Patience is a virtue, so they say.  Broadhursts Bookshop, a bookstore in England, sold a book that had been sitting on their shelves for 27 years, reports Shannon Van SantRead more »

You can now check out cooking supplies at libraries

Deanna Fox of the Times Union reports that Guilderland Public Library in Guilderland, New York will offer a cake pan and cookie cutter loan program. The program pairs nicely withRead more »

California wildfires hit the book business

The fires burning in California have taken a devastating amount of human lives, damaged property, and once again brought out our ugly enthusiasm for the modern slavery that is the AmericanRead more »

As more books are banned in Kuwait, activists rise up

Another Kuwait International Book Fair, another controversy. Now in its 43rd year, it is one of the most important book fairs in the Middle East. This year, running until 24th November, 505Read more »

First lines: Death and Other Holidays, Ways to Hide in Winter, University of Nike, and Chalk

It all begins by opening a book and starting with the first page. That being said, first lines are captivating, perhaps even intoxicating. Here are some of our first lines from ourRead more »

What to do when you’re stuck: check out Neil Gaiman’s writing advice

Are you oh-so-slowly plugging along at that novel manuscript? Did your plot hit a plateau? Are your characters falling silent and dull? Writing can be a frustrating and vexing process.Read more »