Melville House 2019 Staff Picks

A CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO IMPEACHMENT by Barbara Radnofsky When I recommended this book two Christmas’s ago, I wrote: It’s coming. It may be slow, but it’s coming. And now, it’sRead more »

Nobel resignation drama matures into boycott stage

The Nobel prize in literature has been mired in resignations for years. It all started when a scandal erupted in 2017 involving charges of sexual misconduct and corruption. So manyRead more »

New Indie Book of the Month scheme to launch in the UK

Independent bookshops, unite! The Booksellers Association (BA), a membership organisation for all booksellers in the UK & Ireland, representing over 95% of bookshops, is launching a scheme to promote oneRead more »

New study shows importance of children owning books

A study conducted by The National Literacy Trust displays the disparities of children who own books and those who do not, to some unsurprising and surprising finds. The findings areRead more »

Two members resign from committee established to reform Nobel prize for literature

Two people have resigned from a committee that was established to oversee reforms to the Swedish Academy’s Nobel prize for literature. This puts the net resignation count for any committeesRead more »

Protests against Amazon scheduled for Cyber Monday

In response to worsening conditions for Amazon employees as demand for speedier delivery increases, protests are being organized for Cyber Monday. The newly formed Athena Coalition has joined over 40Read more »

Florida Man’s home soon to be taken over by Amazon

When the average American thinks of Florida, they imagine alligators, Disney, sunshine, voting recounts, and Florida Man. But when Amazon thinks of Florida, they envision a state of unlimited spaceRead more »

How to cut 100K words from your manuscript

My debut novel, The Revisionaries, will be released on December 3. A little secret, now: It wasn’t supposed to get published—according to me. Before I started, I told myself thatRead more »

Amazon orders are up again

Earlier this month, Jim Milliot at Publisher’s Weekly reported that Amazon had been slashing orders to publishers since late October. Milliot is back, writing that Amazon orders are increasing and publishersRead more »

This week in fraud: fake children’s books used to boost campaign finances

We are living in something of a golden age of fraud. It seems in the past four years, we’ve become acquainted with every permutation of misdeed involving a country inRead more »

LGBTQ friendly book removed from library for fear of turning children gay

West Virginia’s Upshur County public library has pulled a book from its shelves this week, after a local church minister publicly raised concerns over its content. Prince & Knight writtenRead more »

HarperCollins Children’s establishes imprint for Native creators

Coming Winter 2021, young readers can expect a new line of books by Native authors and illustrators that introduce the world to oft-overlooked Native protagonists. This is all thanks toRead more »

NFL Prime Time? Bezos might buy football team

It’s easy, from the cheap seats, to complain about the ways billionaires spend their money. But who can really say what they’d do, if they had more money than they knewRead more »

Success! Charlotte Brontë mini book secured by the Brontë Society

As we’ve previously discussed, a small piece of juvenalia by a 14-year-old Charlotte Brontë recently came back on the market, and the Brontë Society, who support and operate the BrontëRead more »

I love the smell of old books in the morning… smells like… book preservation

Ahhh, the smell of old books. Something people love to brag about loving. (Why yes, we’ve gotten product recommendations for old-book-scented soy candles on a certain Internet megastore that shallRead more »

Famed waterproof bookstore in Venice suffering from recent flooding

Last week’s flooding in Venice caused dramatic damages throughout the city. Currently in a state of emergency, the highwater mark reached 6 feet, 2 inches, the worst the city hasRead more »

Illustrated kids book about girls’ bodies criticised for avoiding the word vagina

Last month, Ruby Tuesday Books published two illustrated children’s volumes in a new series called Fred and Woody’s Fantastic World. The series aims to initiate honest and realistic conversations aboutRead more »