Hail and Farewell: Larry Kramer

It was announced Wednesday that legendary AIDS activist and author Larry Kramer has died of pneumonia at the age of 84. In the early 1980s, Kramer helped found the Gay Men’sRead more »

Interview with Danny Caine and Gary Lovely

Melville House co-publisher Dennis Johnson interviews Danny Caine, owner of The Raven Book Store, and Gary Lovely, buyer at The Book Loft. This is the second in a series ofRead more »

Epic of Gilgamesh tablet to leave Hobby Lobby’s Bible Museum

The arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby is known as much for its extra-retail pursuits  as it is for model airplanes and macrame kits. The most widely publicized of these pursuitsRead more »

Studies find that people are finding more time to read and their brains basically can’t process books anymore

Ahh, the age-old conundrum. According to the Guardian, a survey of 1,000 people in the UK claim that their reading time has nearly doubled, that is from 3.5 hours aRead more »

The Washington Post unveils a virtual literary event calendar

If you’re one of those people who bought a 2020 planner while confidently announcing that this is the year you will get your life together and go to more eventsRead more »

Tracing Covid’s imprint on French language and bookstores

A few short weeks that feel like a lifetime ago, we discussed the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the English language by charting the immediate, unscheduled additions to the OxfordRead more »

Interview with Jessica Stockton Bagnulo and Johnny Temple

Melville House co-publisher Dennis Johnson interviews Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, co-owner of Greenlight Bookstore, and Johnny Temple, publisher of Akashic Books. This is the first in a series of Dennis’s interviewsRead more »

The New York Public Library brings the sounds of the city to your home

If you’re living in New York City, you know that it’s quiet. Uncomfortably quiet. Not quite horror movie quiet, but basically birds, delivery trucks, and ambulances make up the majorityRead more »

Hemingway look-alike competition cancelled

In unsurprising but nevertheless noteworthy news, the 40th annual Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest has been cancelled. The competition, which is run by a bar called Sloppy Joe’s, will be rescheduledRead more »

Discover the new lit mag of the avant-Gordita: Taco Bell Quarterly

“Taco Bell Quarterly is the literary magazine for the Taco Bell Arts and Letters. We’re a reaction against everything. The gatekeepers. The taste-makers. The hipsters. Health food. Artists Who WearRead more »

“Silent Zoom” meetings are the new thing; zen zoomers seek serenity

(Note from the marketing director: Subsequent to last week’s fiasco, the managing editor has been restored to factory settings. We will continue to monitor his status closely.) The use ofRead more »

Another no-show for small publishers as the Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist is announced

This year, the Women’s Prize for Fiction celebrates its 25th year. Previously know as the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction and the Orange Prize for Fiction,  it is one ofRead more »

DC lends its weight to comics relief effort

In recent weeks we have seen a great deal of mission-driven activity from the publishing world. From free children’s books, to literary and mental health projects published with proceeds going toRead more »

Top Picks for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Check out our growing collection of environmental books and learn how you can get involved in The Climate Project.     The 100% Solution: A Plan forRead more »

AVAILABLE NOW: Coping with Coronavirus

We’re excited to announce that we’ve “crash” published Coping with Coronavirus: How to Stay Calm and Protect Your Mental Health by noted psychiatrist Dr. Brendan Kelly.  All proceeds from theRead more »

Poets respond to coronavirus crisis with new NHS anthology

The past few weeks have seen a renewed appreciation in the UK for the National Health Service, as it battles the staggering pressure created by the number of people requiringRead more »

Book industry grits collective teeth; hard road seen ahead

On April 9 the Book Industry Study Group held a collective survey and televideo call in response to the ongoing novel coronavirus, with a tone that could be best describedRead more »

Oxford English Dictionary charts sociolinguistic impact of Covid-19

Sitting at home thinking up puns on the word “Quar,” referring to your “covid boyfriend,” or texting your friends about what you’ll all do once “the ‘rona rolls through,” you are participatingRead more »

The coronavirus delivers a huge hit to the comic book industry

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on all that we love and at this point there isn’t an industry that hasn’t been touched. In book publishing, booksellers have been adaptingRead more »

UK wholesaler Gardners reopens to fulfill single book orders

As all of us in the book biz know, we don’t have a ‘biz’ at all without a distribution network. We can publish, publicise, pontificate and, er, something else beginningRead more »