Bertelsmann may place a bid for Simon & Schuster

“We’ve been the most active player on the consolidation of the book publishing market in the last 10 years.” This is not the most obvious thing to brag about ifRead more »

Celebrating Independent Bookstore Day

Welp, Independent Bookstore Day looks a little different this year for everyone—not just for us at the Melville House Bookshop. But that doesn’t make it any less important. While peopleRead more »

A Message from John Dean

How did America end up with a leader who acts so crudely and despotically, and counter to our democratic principles? Why do his followers stick with him, even when heRead more »

Interview with Emily Powell (Powell’s) & Craig Popelars (Tin House)

Melville House co-publisher Dennis Johnson speaks with Portland, Oregon’s indie stalwarts Emily Powell, owner of Powell’s Books, and Tin House publisher Craig Popelars, about how their businesses have been impactedRead more »

Internet Archive vs. Publishers feud intensifies; court ruling will settle kerfuffle

The battle between the nonprofit Internet Archive and the publishing industry, which has accused the former of digital piracy, took a definitive turn when the publishers filed a copyright infringementRead more »

Science Fiction writers protest Saudi Arabia as possible conference site

We last checked in on Saudi Arabia’s relationship to the greater literary world a little over a year ago. In that story, the mega-talent-agency, Endeavor, had returned the $400 million dollar investmentRead more »

Interview with Portland booksellers Katherine Morgan and Kevin Sampsell

Melville House co-publisher Dennis Johnson interviews Portland booksellers Katherine Morgan, who works at Powell’s Books and, and Kevin Sampsell, the small press buyer at Powell’s, and the publisher ofRead more »

Hong Kong booksellers face an uncertain future under new national security law

It’s been about a month since China passed the wide-ranging and vaguely worded national security law in Hong Kong in an effort to end the pro-democracy protests that have embroiledRead more »

Bluestockings NYC seeks a new location

You may know Bluestockings–New York City’s beloved radical bookstore–as a Lower East Side icon of 21 years. You may frequent it as a cafe or community resource center. Or you mayRead more »

A Gatsby sequel in the Nick of time

As we wrote a good while back, 2019 was to be big year for iconic works making their way into the public domain. But even from that faraway vantage weRead more »

Engineering nerds build replica of Renaissance book-reading wheel; internet agog

Among the many devices designed by the 16th-century scientist and gentleman scholar Agostino Ramelli was an ingenious, if essentially useless, machine: a rotating wheel with small shelves for books, allowingRead more »

MacDowell Colony to re-brand without the “colony”

In our collective push for a more just and equitable world we must, of course, look to our language for its biases, exclusions, and oppressions. This can take the formRead more »

Will the retroactive reckoning deshelve books?

After a massive, popular outcry about the indiscriminate and unchecked violence of police officers towards Black people across America seized the attention of the nation earlier this summer, a certainRead more »

Simon & Schuster announce new publisher

On Monday Simon & Schuster announced Dana Canedy as the new executive vice president and publisher of their namesake imprint to start on July 27. Canedy replaces Jonathan Karp whoRead more »

Mary Trump’s tell-all on Donald Trump receives expedited release

Mary Trump’s earthshaking new tell-all fittingly titled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, despite Donald Trump’s attempts to impede its release, isRead more »

Week 16: Ebook Sale

Ways to Hide in Winter Sarah St. Vincent Deep in Pennsylvania’s Blue Ridge Mountains, a woman befriends a mysterious newcomer from Uzbekistan, setting in motion this suspenseful, atmospheric, politically chargedRead more »

Bookstores out west re-open . . . and re-close

It’s been terrifying to study the hockey stick-shaped graphs of Covid-19 spikes in places like Arizona and Texas, states that had closed-down insufficiently and have now re-opened too early. Unfortunately, this hasRead more »

So much drama in the LRB

The 2010s were a watershed decade for representation. Diversity in all forms of media came to the fore as a major issue, riding on a groundswell of people pushing forRead more »

AP rules “Black” should now be capitalized; change seen as long overdue

On June 19, 2020—better known, this year, as Juneteenth—the Associated Press formally ruled that the word “Black,” when used in “a racial, ethnic or cultural sense,” must be capitalized. InRead more » is shattering sales projections, not all indies are chuffed

Way back at the end of January, we wrote a little ditty about the new kids on the online retail block, Back then they were taking it step by step,Read more »

Ex-Librarian and bookseller sentenced in decades-long theft scheme

Librarians, they’re just like us! Well, if you are someone who would steal $8 million of rare books and artifacts from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, that is. Michael LevensonRead more »

Federal judge will not block publication of Bolton’s book because “damage is done”

Is that? Do I hear? Is that the sound of good news? Well, not quite. Here’s where we’re at. As reported in Publishers Weekly, the Department of Justice motioned forRead more »

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author of The Shadow of the Wind, dies at 55

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author of the international hit 2001 novel The Shadow of the Wind, has passed away at the age of 55. Often critically lauded as the next greatRead more »

James Baldwin debates William F. Buckley

In this amazing video of James Baldwin debating William F. Buckley, in a room that attempts to set a new land record for fustiness, Baldwin offers a profound kind ofRead more »

Book critics org roiled by race controversy; prez, board members resign

The divisions and dissension that have rocked the publishing world over the last two weeks have spread even unto the normally staid world of book reviewers. When a dispute overRead more »