So much drama in the LRB

The 2010s were a watershed decade for representation. Diversity in all forms of media came to the fore as a major issue, riding on a groundswell of people pushing forRead more »

AP rules “Black” should now be capitalized; change seen as long overdue

On June 19, 2020—better known, this year, as Juneteenth—the Associated Press formally ruled that the word “Black,” when used in “a racial, ethnic or cultural sense,” must be capitalized. InRead more » is shattering sales projections, not all indies are chuffed

Way back at the end of January, we wrote a little ditty about the new kids on the online retail block, Back then they were taking it step by step,Read more »

Ex-Librarian and bookseller sentenced in decades-long theft scheme

Librarians, they’re just like us! Well, if you are someone who would steal $8 million of rare books and artifacts from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, that is. Michael LevensonRead more »

Federal judge will not block publication of Bolton’s book because “damage is done”

Is that? Do I hear? Is that the sound of good news? Well, not quite. Here’s where we’re at. As reported in Publishers Weekly, the Department of Justice motioned forRead more »

Book critics org roiled by race controversy; prez, board members resign

The divisions and dissension that have rocked the publishing world over the last two weeks have spread even unto the normally staid world of book reviewers. When a dispute overRead more »

California and Washington enter Amazon investigation

California and Washington state representatives have entered an ongoing investigation of questionable business practices used by Amazon alongside the European Union and federal investigators. Amazon is currently under scrutiny forRead more »

Essential Reads for Election Season

Authoritarian Nightmare John Dean and Bob Altemeyer A piercing look at how someone like Donald Trump and his followers achieved power—and what they might do to keep it. AVAILABLE 8/25/2020Read more »

Publishers sue “Internet Archive”; authors & editors irate

On Monday, a group of publishers sued the nonprofit Internet Archive, claiming that the group’s distribution of free e-books violated the terms of copyright and amounted to digital piracy. AccordingRead more »

Interview with Rick Simonson and Michael Reynolds

Melville House co-publisher Dennis Johnson interviews Rick Simonson, head buyer at Elliott Bay Book Company, and Michael Reynolds, editor-in-chief of Europa Editions. This is the fourth in a series ofRead more »

Hail and Farewell: Larry Kramer

It was announced Wednesday that legendary AIDS activist and author Larry Kramer has died of pneumonia at the age of 84. In the early 1980s, Kramer helped found the Gay Men’sRead more »