Saturday is Saturday: Speedreader’s Edition

Life comes at you fast. We know this, and don’t want to slow you down. That’s why today’s Saturday Round-Up will consist entirely of unforgivingly condensed little micro-sentences. Blink and you’llRead more »

We need a language beat

Politics and language have always been linked in overt and implicit ways. During last year’s presidential campaign and in the post-election environment, many people began to note the multifarious slipperiness and co-optationsRead more »

A DC Comics editor is fired after female employees report sexual harassment

Here comes another sleazebag ousted for sexual misconduct. We’ve recently written about sexual harassment in the publishing workplace, SHITTY MEDIA MEN, and Harvey Weinstein the Liar. Now, high-profile DC ComicsRead more »

The Book Thing rebuilds, reopens, and will keep giving out free books

The Book Thing, a Baltimore-based non-profit that gives away free books, reopened its doors last month, following a fire that devastated much of the warehouse. Led by Russell Wattenberg, the Book ThingRead more »

Radhika Jones is named editor at Vanity Fair, will probably be great

After two months of scuttlebutt, Condé Nast has officially named an editor to succeed Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair. For the New York Times, Sydney Ember reports that Radhika Jones—whoRead more »

We’d like to help you help us get Donald Trump impeached!

Do you smell that? No, it’s not the scent of the autumn leaves slowly decaying on the grass. More like the rot of the Republican party. Okay, maybe that’s a littleRead more »

Saturday Gets in Your Eyes

At long last, it’s happened: a week that did not utterly suck! We had a pretty good one, too — Ladee Hubbard, author of The Talented Ribkins, won the Ernest J. GainesRead more »

Same as it ever was: Publishers Weekly has released its 2017 Industry Salary Survey

Folks, it’s that most wonderful time of year, when we all gather around the water cooler and grumble about our salaries, the pay gap, and a horribly entrenched lack ofRead more »

More and more, money talks

There’s a lot you could say about yesterday’s giant New York Times exposé on Louis C.K. For instance, that it is a bummer very mondo indeed to see another proclaimedly woke man turn out, in fact, toRead more »

Harvey Weinstein, a liar, denies having used former Mossad agents to get an advance look at Rose McGowan’s memoir

So we all now know what a disgusting creep Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is, thanks partly, as we wrote last month, to the outspokenness of actress Rose McGowan, who responded toRead more »

Amazon is making moves to corner the US federal procurement market, through the National Defense Authorization Act

Over at The Intercept, David Dayen reports that, buried deep in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act—which was passed by the House earlier in the year, and is currently working itsRead more »

Don’t hyperlink me, bro!

According to Krista L. Cox, a blogger for Above The Law, sharing hyperlinks of copyright materials might soon become grounds for a lawsuit. This past year, Justin Goldman, a photographer at Getty Images, sued severalRead more »

Brollies rising: A takeover

Recently, as we prepared for the glorious launch of Marion Rankine’s unreasonably charming Brolliology, we invited her to take over our Instagram feed, transforming it into a wonderland of beauteous and scintillating umbrella-tude.Read more »