Do more than just read for National Literacy Month

September is National Literacy Month. As a member of the Melville House team (and a former English teacher), I adore reading and standby literacy as a form of freedom. Of course youRead more »

Writing advice from Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens was a profound intellectual. From his hard-hitting barbs and astonishingly clear-cut articulations, Hitchens was a master of words. In that spirit, check out this sharp video of HitchensRead more »

Is young adult literature too dark?

Is YA literature breeding pessimism in today’s youth? Has YA become, dare we say, too woke?  Such is the verdict from the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed piece in response toRead more »

Homogeneity vs Independence: Waterstones buys UK indie chain Foyles

Has the face of independent bookselling in the UK just got smaller? Foyles (or to give the company its formal name, W & G Foyle Ltd) is a family-owner bookRead more »

Target’s content flagging system misses its target

When Cáel Keegan–author of a book about the transgender writer/director siblings,  Lana and Lilly Wachowski–came upon the retail page for his book on, he noticed that a core concept wasRead more »

Someone has won a Welsh bookshop in a raffle and we’re not jealous at all

This week, Charlotte Eyre in the Bookseller reported that a man had won an entire bookshop in a promotional raffle organised over three months by retiring bookseller Paul Morris, of BookmarksRead more »

New women’s writing prizes launched to address The Great Gender Imbalance

Picture a philosopher and perhaps you conjure up an image of a beardy old man ponderously stroking his whiskers. Google ‘most famous philosophers’ and you’ll be bombarded with a barrageRead more »

There’s much abuzz on The Diary of a Bookseller from indie book shops

Like libraries, local bookstores are pillars of their communities. Indie book shops represent the spirit of creativity, identity, curiosity, and expression. Essentially, these businesses become a haven and support for authors andRead more »

Enjoy a celestial David Bowie-fueled playlist, Earthlings

Books take us on adventures. Strange Stars: David Bowie, Pop Music, and the Decade Sci-Fi Exploded by Jason Heller is a book for music lovers, sci-fi connoisseurs, pop culture hawks, and adventure seekers.Read more »

“Russian aluminum workers are apparently worthy of special protection”: Lawrence O’Donnell has been reading Seth Hettena

In case you missed it, in yesterday’s New York Times, Seth Hettena brought down some serious truth. In an opinion piece for the Times, Hettena—the author of Trump / Russia: A Definitive History—writes of Russian oligarchRead more »

Anatomy of a (Translated) Page: Basma Abdel Aziz’s The Queue

August is Women in Translation Month — an opportunity to celebrate the hugely important work done by women writers and women translators to make international literature accessible in English. Today, we’reRead more »

Freshman Move-In Day: Why it still sucks for all

“Move-in Day” is the term used to describe an obscure national rite of passage that is loathed by all and sundry. Each year on this occasion, hundreds of thousands ofRead more »

Fall for the Book announces a new award for writing by immigrants

We are, as we always have been, a nation of immigration. According to Jie Zong, Jeanne Batalova, and Jeffrey Hallock of the Migration Policy Institute, almost 14% of all people living in America wereRead more »

Nike founder Phil Knight’s memoir Shoe Dog is coming to Netflix

In 2016 Phil Knight–the founder of Nike–published his memoir Shoe Dog. It jumped to #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list, and moved hundreds of thousands of copies. Now,Read more »