Sarah Huckabee Sanders was unwittingly live-streamed at a White House presser, probably turned to dust

In President Donald Trump’s Most Best Transparent Glorious Administration of the World, on-camera press briefings have become a thing of the past. In May, Trump even went so far asRead more »

Just another manic Saturday

Dear humans, Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that the vile pretender known as 2017 is 55.6164% of the way to its planned and permanent obsolescence. We cannot wait to watch thisRead more »

In which the great Jacques Berlinerblau fields your questions about American higher ed

So, a couple weeks ago, we reached out to the goodly and inquisitive people of the internet, with an unrefusable offer: Send us your questions for Jacques Berlinerblau—eminent educator and scholarRead more »

Protestors flock to shorelines around the world to honor Liu Xiaobo

We’ve been reporting on the dissident Chinese writer and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo at MobyLives since he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. In 2008, Liu was sentencedRead more »

A Knoxville company’s business is booming thanks to Dolly Parton’s brilliant books initiative

Way way back in 2012 we wrote about the international impact of Dolly Parton’s child literacy initiative, Imagination Library. We offered this bit of background on the project: Launched by singer/actressRead more »

I Go To Bed Dreaming of Henry Kissinger: Lynda Schuster’s Dirty Wars and Polished Silver is on sale today

In Dirty Wars and Polished Silver, former Wall Street Journal reporter Lynda Schuster tells the story of her life as a foreign correspondent in war-torn countries, and, later, as the wife ofRead more »

The Wikipedia page for the Calibri font has become a referendum on Pakistan’s ruling family

The daughters and sons of world leaders are just like daughters and sons everywhere: they want to find a bit of trouble, raise a little hell. Mostly they want to doRead more »

That was some week

Well, here we are again… goddamn if that wasn’t a week. We set new records for, among other things, heat in New York City, magnificently sheer stupidity in a presidentialRead more »

White House operatives are preparing a major smear campaign aimed at discrediting journalists

In keeping with the administration’s, uh, tenuous relationship with the media, the Trump White House has indicated it will be embarking on a campaign to undermine journalists who have reported onRead more »

How a new bookstore can come out of anywhere and become anything: an interview with the staff of the Booksmith (and the Bindery)

Christin Evans bought the historic San Francisco bookstore The Booksmith in 2007. In the ensuing decade, both the demise and the triumph of the indie bookstore scene have been frequently touted. AndRead more »

UK man returning from Syria arrested for possessing a partial copy of The Anarchist Cookbook

Ryan Gallagher recently published a long profile in the Intercept. His subject, Josh Walker of Wales, was recently arrested in the UK after returning from a stint with the YPG (anRead more »