Chinese robot gets byline in Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily

According to a report in the China Daily News, Xiao Nan, a robot designed and built by a team of researchers at Peking University, has written, delivered, and published aRead more »

It seems climate change is happening, and Prince Charles pens a book to prove it

If you believe Donald Trump, then global warming isn’t happening. Phew! That’s a weight off my mind. Except…. it is, according to most experts, and even Trump’s nominee for secretaryRead more »

On Trump’s inauguration poem: Grabba-dabba-doo, here comes you-know-who

T minus two days. Notwithstanding the possibility of our rescue by some force like a world-incinerating meteor or note from the Lizard People that says “JK, ha ha, can’t believeRead more »

Publishing during wartime, part IV: Learning from history

See part one,Publishing during wartime See Publishing during wartime, part II See Publishing during wartime, part III   Whether you are among those joining the boycott against Simon & Schuster for publishingRead more »

“Maintain a wholesome attitude at all times and a radiant personality”: When Martin Luther King wrote an advice column

A few weeks ago, we published Martin Luther King, Jr: The Last Interview and Other Conversations. For reasons that are probably pretty clear, we’re feeling that right now is an excellent momentRead more »

Publishing during wartime, part III: Protest of S&S and “gaslighting” is growing

See part one, Publishing during wartime Read part two, Publishing during wartime, part II   The protest of Simon and Schuster’s decision to publish Dangerous, a book by hate speech mongerRead more »

Donald Trump and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Press Conference

Hi there. President-elect Donald J. Trump, fresh off a long night trying to come up with some good tweets for his haters following the controversial publication of the BuzzFeed Dossier,Read more »

Committee to Protect Journalists agrees, 2016 was a terrible, terrible year

According to a report commissioned by the Committee to Protect Journalists, 2016 was the worst year on record (going back to 1990) for global journalistic freedom, judged by the numberRead more »

Publishing during wartime, part II

See part one, Publishing during wartime   In yet another heart-rending sign of HOW THE LEFT IS PROBABLY GOING TO BLOW THE WAR AGAINST TRUMP, many of the publishing industry’sRead more »

The Internet Archive launches a Trump-only trove of TV clips

Here at MobyLives, we love archivists. And we especially love the folks at the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a giant website that houses, among other things, tons ofRead more »