Out today: Federal Reports on Police Killings

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, eighteen years old and black, was shot dead by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, twenty-eight and white. The incident tore open national wounds that have never reallyRead more »

Trump administration “shitcans” prison education reform project

Last year, the Obama administration hired Amy Lopez to spearhead an ambitious program meant to overhaul the prison education system. According to Ryan J. Reilly and Julia Craven at theRead more »

What’s been going on

Take heart, friends. The tyrant known as 2017 is now just about forty-eight percent of the way through its reign of terror. We’ve all made it another week: as plansRead more »

Best Laid Plans: Norman Bel Geddes’s Unrealized Projects

“Every new thing is resisted.” —Thomas Edison, 1914 “Think different.” —Apple ad slogan, 1997–2002   “The fairy tales of the past, told to while away an idle hour with mysterious impossibilities,Read more »

In an age where political correctness is seen as a vice, we can now trademark ethnic and racial slurs

Every year, about 250,000 new trademark applications are filed in the United States. The companies, entrepreneurs, and occasional cranks that seek registration tell a story beyond just a celebrity name (Liv’s Lips®?) or sexyRead more »

Add this great story to the list of reasons you love librarians

Today’s feel-good story comes from  Carolyn Johnson, librarian extraordinaire at Saint Francis International School in Silver Spring, Maryland. What did she do? Oh, she just collected 2,000 books (yes, that’sRead more »

The memoir of an imprisoned former Israeli Prime Minister has led to multiple police raids

Ehud Olmert has seen better days. The George W. Bush-painted former Prime Minister of Israel (he served the office from 2006 to 2009) is currently serving out a prison sentence forRead more »

George R.R. Martin finally understands what makes us, his fans, angry

George R.R. Martin, 952-year-old author of the popular A Song of Ice And Fire fantasy series (or as television calls it, Game of Thrones), has just addressed the biggest fear hisRead more »

Easy like Saturday morning

There we went again: it’s been fully seven days since we last awoke to the joys of a roller skating jam named “Saturdays,” and oh, it was a week. TheRead more »

Turkish crackdown continues, with two magazine editors jailed for perceived insults

The situation in Turkey continues to deteriorate. In the last few weeks, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s authoritarian regime has sentenced a Minister of Parliament to twenty-five years in prison for divulging “stateRead more »

Congratulations to Tracy K. Smith, our next poet laureate

Last year, Carla Hayden became the first woman and the first African American and the first actual librarian (in a long time) to be named Librarian of Congress. And it was good. WeRead more »