Undocumented and #HereToStay

We live in dark times, and there is perhaps nothing darker about them than the ways immigrants to this country are being discussed and treated by the current administration andRead more »

Linda Sarsour is “feeling bolder and braver than ever”

“I want you to keep telling yourself: ‘THIS IS NOT NORMAL. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.’ Repeat until it sinks to the deepest of your core.” That’sRead more »

Noëlle Santos is bringing a goddamn bookstore to the Bronx

When the Co-op City Barnes and Noble first announced that it was going to shut its doors and leave the Bronx without a general interest bookstore, we did what weRead more »

Publishing during wartime: Chickens, roosting

Milo Yiannopoulos went down in flames yesterday — spectacularly so, in a way that will likely leave him a regular guest on the Bill Maher show but unemployed and radioactive foreverRead more »

Is the media really more divided than ever?

One positive aspect of the fallout from the election, if there can be said to be any, is that the liberal media that was so sure of a Clinton victory seemsRead more »

Junk mail for Jesus

If you grew up in the surburban south, this probably won’t shock you, but some presumptuous yahoo from Wisconsin is sending people unsolicited reading material about the Biblical end times.Read more »

Let’s talk about Russia, baby

Back in Novemeber, we reported on Russia’s imprisonment and prosecution of Natalia Sharina, the fifty-nine-year-old director of Moscow’s Library of Ukrainian Literature, on charges of embezzlement and distributing literature with “extremist content.”Read more »

Publishing during wartime, part IX: The flying monkeys multiply, but so does the opposition

  On the day when the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report about a dramatic rise in hate groups that it blamed on “the Trump phenomenon” … on theRead more »

Ukrainian writer detained in Belarus

Last week, the prominent Ukrainian poet, novelist, and dissident Serhiy Zhadan was seized by government security forces in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, held overnight, and ordered to leave the country. AsRead more »

Yours, Willa Cather

Because it’s always a good day to think about frontier novelist, America original, and Melville House author Willa Cather, may we recommend that you get yourself a mug of something, grabRead more »

China continues its crackdown on publishers of political gossip with two new arrests

Since November 2015, we’ve been covering the story of a wave of arrests by authorities in the People’s Republic of China of publishers and booksellers associated with Causeway Bay Books, a publishing house andRead more »

Concerned citizens buying copies of dystopian novels for bookstores to gift

The resistance is bookish! The sign in San Francisco’s The Booksmith shop read, “Read up! Fight Back! A mystery benefactor has bought these copies of 1984 for you if youRead more »