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You can help get books to incarcerated people this season

Getting books to incarcerated people, and the many hurdles in the way, was perhaps the MobyLives topic of 2018. As I put it in a previous post: “We’ve written almostRead more »

Let the bidding war for John Kelly’s tell-all memoir begin!

There are days when you look at your bank account and think to yourself, maybe I’ll go work in the Trump administration for a year, get fired, and write aRead more »

FTC reviewing possible acquisition of Baker and Taylor by Ingram Content Group

According to reports in Shelf Awareness and Publishers Weekly, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the USA’s preeminent trust-busting agency, is conducting preliminary research into the possible acquisition of book andRead more »

Is it time to stop taxing ebooks?

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, so says the old proverb.  Yet while we are all embarking on our slow decline to death (Merry Christmas everyone!) the tax weRead more »

First lines: How We Win and Revolution Sunday

It all begins by opening a book and starting with the first page. That being said, first lines are captivating, perhaps even intoxicating. Here are some of our first lines from our two latestRead more »

The Strand Bookstore doesn’t want City Landmark status

The great city of New York has approached one of its greatest assets–the Strand Bookstore, 91 years running and boasting 18 miles of books–about conferring City Landmark status on theRead more »

A new career path for science fiction writers: work for Nike or Boeing

 It’s tempting to think of the worlds of science fiction and business as completely incompatible. After all, some of our best science fiction helps us imagine the end of capitalism.Read more »

The intersection of poetry and science is more likely than you think

If you remember, we talked a few posts back about the healing powers of poetry, but here’s another instance where poetry and science unexpectedly connects. In a recent Bioscience paperRead more »

George Saunders discusses storytelling

Here we are, the end of November, and for those of you that took part in NaNoWriMo (or are nearing the end of a draft or deadline), I bet you’reRead more »

Gift ideas for the music lover in your life

Holiday shopping can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps there’s a big music lover in your life – they already have a top-notch turntable, gold standard vinyls,Read more »