It’s time! Audible settles lawsuit over audiobook Captions

We have been closely following the ongoing Audible debacle over the last six months months or so: read our latest coverage here and here. Now ready yourself for the nextRead more »

18th century toilets for the true book lover

You can learn a lot about a person based on the reading material they have in their bathroom. Gossip rags, a dictionary, a few unfinished reads, or (gasp) … nothing.Read more »

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University discover a lost copy of an early essay on gay rights

In 1873 John Addington Symonds, an English essayist and poet, wrote “A Problem in Greek Ethics,” an essay celebrating the Greeks’ liberal approach to sexuality in contrast to Victorian EnglandRead more »

This week in newspeak: Donald Trump, The Environmentalist

Lest we begin to doubt the impact that books can have on the culture, in a backwards and entirely upsetting way, Donald Trump has reaffirmed the power of the writtenRead more »

When love turns sour: Romance awards cancelled amidst ongoing race row

The RITA is considered the highest award of distinction in English-language romance fiction. With 13 prize categories, up to 2,000 novels are submitted to the Romance Writers of America (RWA) whoRead more »

Book community rises to the occasion of fighting Australian wildfires

The wildfires currently raging in Australia have burned over 18 million acres and taken a major toll on the country’s wildlife. Twenty-four people have died as a result of the months-longRead more »

To Kill a Mockingbird will be performed at Madison Square Garden

First, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird made its Broadway debut. Now, the production will grace the stage at New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden. For one night only,Read more »

Book adaptations struggle at the box office in 2019

As noted by Paula Bernstein in Fortune, the big screen adaptations of several blockbuster novels of years past failed the impress critically or at the box office throughout 2019. TheseRead more »

Brooklyn Library names Mary Mattingly as 2020’s Artist in Residence

Every year the Brooklyn Public Library hosts an Artist in Residence to connect local artists to the library and its patrons. According to the library website, the program offers libraryRead more »

Abe announces most expensive book sales of 2019; Abe wins

Rare book dealership have announced their most expensive sales of 2019. Fantasize about owning some pricey antique tomes here! The list, which includes works by Dashiel Hammett, Mark Twain,Read more »

Galley Beggar press turns to the public to recoup unexpected loss . . . human spirit prevails

Just the other day we wrote about the book that was perhaps the publishing story of 2020—Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann—and the galvanizing effect it was having on our friends at Porter Square Books.Read more »

Remember when you all got mad about books being shelved page-side-out? Well…bad news…

Last May, an interior design tip to display books so their pages faced the room made it onto and incited a day or two of genial outrage. This followedRead more »

Greta Thunberg named TIME person of the year; jointly scoops Waterstones book of the year

You might have heard there’s an election on today in the UK*. Brenda from Bristol: NOT ANOTHER ONE! Yes, Brenda, another one. Because that’s just how we roll over hereRead more »

Book trends of the decade, decoded; Brit critic dips Into lit

 The annual deluge of year-end roundups is upon us, made even worse by the inevitable conscious coupling of decade-end lists! It’s gilding the lily, to be sure! It’s piling on!Read more »

Women writers dominate Italian lit market in wake of Ferrante Fever

One of the decade’s best publishing stories is the breakout success of pseudonymous Italian writer Elena Ferrante. She received the James Wood seal of approval, brought international flavor (and likely some much-improvedRead more »

Melville House 2019 Staff Picks

A CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO IMPEACHMENT by Barbara Radnofsky When I recommended this book two Christmas’s ago, I wrote: It’s coming. It may be slow, but it’s coming. And now, it’sRead more »

Nobel resignation drama matures into boycott stage

The Nobel prize in literature has been mired in resignations for years. It all started when a scandal erupted in 2017 involving charges of sexual misconduct and corruption. So manyRead more »

New Indie Book of the Month scheme to launch in the UK

Independent bookshops, unite! The Booksellers Association (BA), a membership organisation for all booksellers in the UK & Ireland, representing over 95% of bookshops, is launching a scheme to promote oneRead more »