Bob Dylan’s Tarantula to receive the audiobook treatment

At last, the art of Nobel-prize-winning literary icon Bob Dylan can be encountered in a new format … audio. Ok, so you’ve been able to listen to Bob Dylan’s work many decadesRead more »

Stephen King’s mansion is becoming a writer’s retreat

Perfect news for spooky season: famed horror writer Stephen King is turning his home in Bangor, Maine into an archive and writer’s retreat.  According to Rolling Stone, King and hisRead more »

Australian football legend Tim Cahill to add to children’s book series

OK, I’ll level with you. Every week, we go through the books news looking for the most vital, interesting, controversial and otherwise blog-worthy stories. It’s fun! And the past coupleRead more »

Booker Award split between two deserving writers; irritation abounds

Sheesh! Can’t any of these people do anything right? As though attempting to one-up a string of disappointing Nobel Prize decisions—including last year’s non-award scandal and this year’s decision toRead more »

Harold Bloom, (in)famous literary critic, dies at 89

Harold Bloom—literary critic and longtime Yale professor—died on Monday at the age of 89. Bloom was perhaps the bestselling literary critic of all time. He is most known for his rigorousRead more »

A lost chapter of the world’s oldest novel was found in a Tokyo home

Japan is home to some of the oldest temples and shrines in the world, but it also is the birthplace of the world’s first novel, The Tale of Gengi. AccordingRead more »

Jojo Moyes’ new book bears “striking similarities” to a recently published novel

Oh boy, we are excited today, because today is the rare day where we get to start a blog post with the line: HOT, HOT LITERARY SCANDAL. They don’t comeRead more »

Nobel prize for literature once again descends into controversy

After a year with no Nobel prize in literature (read about the Swedish Academy’s sexual abuse and financial misconduct scandal here), expectations were high. Two awards would be given: oneRead more »

#MeToo authors in the classroom: OK or nah? The “Gray Lady” weighs in

Among the many vexing questions to arise in the wake of #MeToo: is there a place in the classroom for books written by men who have been accused of sexualRead more »

Becoming II: Still Becoming

What do you do after writing the bestselling memoir of all time, a book that sent you on a totally unprecedented stadium tour of book events and still sits comfortably onRead more »

Two Nobel prizes in literature to be awarded next week

The Swedish Academy is set to announce two more Nobel laureates next week, after it did not hand out the prize last year. The postponement last year was the resultRead more »

Not (yet) time to settle in publishers’s suit against Audible

Like a good legal thriller (even better, a radio serial), the story of Audible’s “Captions” program has us anticipating every new twist and turn. To recap the last few weeks ofRead more »

Rape or weird foreplay: Bob Woodward investigates

Iconic investigative reporter Bob Woodward put his foot in his mouth on the evening of October 2 and then proceeded to keep shoving it back in a couple more times beforeRead more »

False alarm: EU tariffs will not affect books

After much panic, good news: the Trump administration’s newest round of tariffs on EU goods will not include books. Publishers Weekly reports that the confusion was born from a lineRead more »

California book trade association dissolves amid acrimony; riots feared

“Two states! We want two states!” shouted Stocktonite Stephen Malkmus on Pavement’s debut album, Slanted and Enchanted. Twenty-six years later, the vision Malkmus outlined (“There’s no culture! Forty million daggers!”)Read more »

Dickens’s wine cellar inventory notebook sells at auction

Just three days before his death, a 58 year old Charles Dickens went down to the basement of his country house. His goal? To catalog his booze, including a recentRead more »

Audiobook listening rate almost doubles in eight years

The rate at which adults listen to audiobooks has almost doubled since 2011. Pew has just released a survey of 1,502 adults taken between January 8 and February 7 thatRead more »

New York Times Best Sellers tracking to change

If you’ve been looking at the New York Times Best Sellers list lately, perhaps you have seen this book or this book. If you’re looking at it a couple of weeksRead more »

Building in the moment: Lego launches mindfulness book

It has already teamed up with Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. Now, Lego is taking the leap from screen to soul as it presentsRead more »

Bisbee, Arizona, has the best small library in the United States

Bisbee, Arizona is an old copper mining town of about 5,000 people just north of the U.S. / Mexico boarder—and it looks the part. Perhaps best known for the violenceRead more »

The prestige-mini-series-option-industrial complex

Wooooooo wooooooo WOOOOO woo woo woo woo woooooooo (that’s an onomatopoeia of the tune of the theme music of Big Little Lies, to get you in the mood).    Read more »

The National Book Awards announced their longlists of nominees

Last week the National Book Foundation rolled out the longlists of nominees in all five categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Translated Literature, and Young People’s Literature.  Each list consists of tenRead more »

Thief jailed for stealing over £80,000 worth of library books

Imagine being a PhD student at Napier University in Scotland, casually frequenting your campus library to borrow a textbook for your studies. But the shelf is empty—not one of theRead more »

Readers protest outdated dictionary entries; “What’s the matter with being sexy,” asks UK honcho

Ain’t no way Mike Lindgren is not going to kick off his first-ever Moby with a Spinal Tap reference … especially when some UK protestors have noticed that the augustRead more »