Experts agree, colonialism was a lark

The editorial staff of the Third World Quarterly has resigned in protest over the publication of a controversial article in the journal’s most recent issue. The piece, titled “In DefenseRead more »

A leading British newspaper is “sorry not sorry” over claims that global warming really isn’t that bad

Do you like fake news? The Mail on Sunday sure does. Back in February, the UK’s second-largest Sunday newspaper printed a contentious story by David Rose, claiming that global warming data hadRead more »

Sean Spicer and Margaret Atwood at the Emmys

Television is a pretty big deal in America. Lots of people watch it. Lots of people get paid too much money to write about it. Some people imagine political figuresRead more »

Turkish novelist Ahmet Altan, held incommunicado on charges of “giving subliminal messages in favor of a coup on television,” manages to publish an essay on the eve of his trial

Over the past few years, we’ve had all too much occasion to write about Turkey’s ongoing crackdown against journalists, publishers, and writers of all kinds, which has spiked in intensity since 2016’sRead more »

Man Booker Prize Judge condemns The Blurb, may be right to do so

We’ve recently reported on how the 2017 Man Booker Prize shortlist is as American as half an apple pie. That is, of the six announced shortlistees, three hail from our side ofRead more »

Oh say can you Saturday by the dawn’s early Saturday

Ok, guys. We’re doing this. The vile imposter known as 2017 is just about seventy-one percent done, and today, at longest last, is Saturday. You love Saturday. I love Saturday. We allRead more »

Bringing the war home — to journalists

Journalism has always been a dangerous profession, especially for foreign practitioners of the trade. I’ve lost count of the friends and acquaintances who have died over the years in LatinRead more »

The 2017 Man Booker Shortlist is as American as half an apple pie

When we last checked in with the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, feathers had been ruffled. Stiff British feathers. It was 2016, and Paul Beatty, author of The Sellout, had justRead more »

PRESS RELEASE: Melville House announces project to send copies of A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment to all of Congress

Melville House Publishing announced today a project meant to provide every member of the US Congress with a copy of the newly published book A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment byRead more »

Out today: A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment

As we asked last week: Have you, uh… read the news lately? If you have, you’ve probably come across one word: Impeachment. As our president continues to astonish and worry observers all overRead more »