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April 8, 2017

And lo, it was called Saturday; and it was very good


It’s the 106th birthday of Emil Cioran!

Hello out there, everybody! First and perhaps most important: congratulations. Another instance of that most bewildering and horrendous of human institutions, the dreaded “week,” has passed, and you, you brave and excellent human, have endured it. That’s no small thing.

Here at Melville HQ, we’ve had a week, too, and here were some of the highlights:

There were a couple stories we just didn’t get to:

Today we’re very enthusiastically wishing heroic journalist Seymour Hersh an exorbitantly happy eightieth birthday!

We published one book this week:

We also released this behind-the-scenes video of how we made another:

Finally, it’s Saturday morning and you are owed a cartoon. With springtime fiiiiinally coming, this seems like the one: