March 6, 2019

An elementary school principal reads bedtime stories to her students via Facebook live videos


This week in uplifting news comes the story of Belinda George, the principal of Homer Drive Elementary school in Beaumont, Texas. Every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM, George gets in her pajamas and reads a children’s book via Facebook Live from the school’s Facebook page. She calls it “Tucked-in Tuesdays” and it’s going viral.

According to Allison Klein at the Washington Post, George started reading the bedtime stories for the 680 students at the school in December. Since then, some of her videos have gotten as many as 2,000 views and she’s had viewers watching from New Mexico, Illinois, and Florida. Her videos are attracting national media attention from news outlets like the Today Show and Good Morning America.

George tells Klein that one of the reasons she began this project is to keep the relationship strong between home and school, saying “The bottom line is I love, love kids. I know if I don’t reach them outside of school I never reach them in school.” 94 percent of the students at George’s school come from economically disadvantaged homes, and literacy tests show that only 55 percent of third, fourth, and fifth-graders were reading at or above their grade level. But in the year since George has become principal, she says that the school’s literacy levels have grown.

It’s no surprise that when children are given encouragement and attention they grow; George has found a way to instill a love for reading in her students through fun and modern means. See you at the next “Tucked-in Tuesday!”



Stephanie DeLuca is the director of publicity at Melville House.