December 12, 2017

An adorable child is livestreamed by his parents reading 100 books in a single day



The world kind of feels like a burning pile of garbage in every way, save this tender little news item: on Saturday, four-year-old Caleb Green announced to his parents that he wanted to read 100 books in a single day.

They were a little skeptical at first (“I was like, 100, son? That’s a lot of books,” his father, Sylus Green told Karen Jordan at ABC News in Chicago), but between their own collection and contributions from friends, they wrangled enough books, and Caleb got reading. “And every time he finished 10 books, he did a little dance,” Jordan reports.

You can see for yourself (it’s pretty cute), because his parents live streamed the whole thing on Facebook, reaching a couple thousand viewers across the country.

“I like to read and I want to read some more like my sister,” Caleb said. And now that he’s reached his goal, the whole family seems pretty inspired.

“I learned to just dream bigger and I am going to set unrealistic goals for myself this coming year,” Sylus told ABC. “I’m going to be inspired by Caleb to not quit on him and just push through it.” Onward.



Taylor Sperry is a former Melville House editor.