March 8, 2016

Amazon’s second brick-and-mortar to open in San Diego



After a month of speculation surrounding a series of job openings posted by Amazon in February, Jennifer Van Grove at the San Diego Union Tribune reports that new signage in La Jolla’s University Town Center confirms that Amazon‘s second brick and mortar store will open this summer.

The location-=-adjacent to luxury storefronts for  Tesla and Apple—seems eager to mix downscale pricing with upscale markets, as did Amazon’s first physical store, which opened in Seattle’s posh University Village last November. Assuming Amazon sticks to the Seattle store’s game plan, San Diegans can expect to see five or six thousand books, all selected algorithmically from a list’s bestselling and best reviewed, faced out and priced to destroy the competition.

This comes in the wake of a Wall Street Journal piece suggesting that Amazon was launching a brick and mortar blitzkrieg on an already devastated bookstore market. Although the source for that story has since walked back his claim, there are plenty of signs that Amazon has big, big plans for physical retail spaces in the next year, and their shiny new bookstore seems to be the tip of the spear.




Simon Reichley is the Director of Operations and Rights Manager at Melville House.