January 30, 2020

Amazon employees risk jobs to combat climate change


We’ve used many photos of Amazon warehouses so here’s the Amazon forest we need to save

It seems as though the drama surrounding Amazon and Jeff Bezos never stops. Amazon has become notorious for silencing employees and any other vocal critics. Over 350 brave employees decided to speak out against the company for its climate change practices. Per Amazon’s policies, these people could lose their jobs for doing so.

Climate change has been at the forefront in the public discourse for some time now and has been a focal point in the Democratic primary debates. A group of concerned Amazon employees formed the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice to observe the company’s practices and involvement in harmful environmental procedures. The group published dozens of works, signed by over a hundred employees, on Medium to air their concerns—all with the knowledge that this puts their employment at risk.

The growing movement of employee activism has also spread to Microsoft and Google. Riding on the success of Amazon’s Climate Justice Group, there are internal whispers that they may begin advocating for immigrants and privacy concerns. Hopefully the courageousness of these workers will continue to spread.

Maybe Amazon can be the leading company to save the Amazon forest, just an idea.



Andréa Córdova is a publicist at Melville House.