October 11, 2018

Add Tracy K. Smith’s new podcast to your playlist


Let’s get real: everyone can use a little more poetry in their lives. So, why not add a little bit each day? That’s what U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith is doing. In Smith’s podcast, The Slowdown,” the program will feature five minutes of poetry. So in other words, it’s pure heaven.

The podcast can be a tool used to get a mindful fill of poetry, whether you’re a lover of the form or a newcomer. Getting a short, daily burst of poetry is one way to destress from daily life. Smith supports this mindset, too.

As reported in Quartzy, the poet said:

“There are moments in every busy day when a different type of clarity breaks in: touching base with a friend, catching sight of something beautiful or troubling through a window, feeling a memory bob to the surface unprompted,” says Smith by email. “I’m excited to offer an opportunity for something like that to inflect listeners’ days, every day. Hopefully it will feel less like an exercise and more like an opportunity to listen and feel differently.”

“The Slowdown” will air in late November. We’ll be tuning in and so should you.



Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.