Dossier K

by Imre Kertész

“Nominally a memoir, Dossier K. takes the form of a dialogue between Kertesz and a nameless interlocutor who at times strongly resembles the author and at other times seems to be someone else. Like two old friends, these characters discuss Kertesz’s life, books and philosophical views, along with the literature that has mattered most to him…The conversation is easy to follow, and anyone unfamiliar with Kertesz’s novels will find the relevant passages quoted along the way…as original, complex and open to contradiction as the rest of his life’s work.” —Martin Riker, English Professor at Washington University in St. Louis in the New York Times

Autobiography of a Super-Tramp

by W.H. Davies

“I was really happy to find Davies’ fabulous narrative in print. Davies’ fabulous narrative is perfect for a special topics course I’m teaching on ‘the day before’ modernism that surveys the transatlantic literary and cultural scene right before World War I. I think it would be a great addition to any number of English college courses from a supplemental text in a British Literature II Survey to a class on transatlantic modernism.” —Aaron Jaffe, English Professor at University of Louisville

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